Resignation Letters

1. Due to work pressure

I would like to inform you that I have decided to resign from my job as the Assistant Manager of Operations. Kindly accept this as my one-month notice. My last working day at ABC Corporation shall be on the 15th of March.

I am grateful to the company for providing me with the opportunity to work in this prestigious organization. However, the mounting work burden for the past year has been taking a toll on my personal life as well as my mental health. My department is understaffed and everyone on my team has to deal with the extra workload. Being in a senior position, I am faced with the most pressure. I have been requesting the management for hiring additional team members for my department but to no avail. It is for this reason that I can no longer serve the company.

I thank you for the experience I gained from this job. It has been a pleasure working for the company.

Resignation letter due to work pressure

2. Bad work environment

I regret to inform you that I am resigning from my job as the Sales Manager with a notice period of 15 days in compliance with my job agreement with the company. I request you provide the necessary clearance and sanction my due provident fund.

I have served the company for 2 years with dedication. However, I have been compelled to put forth my resignation due to an unfavorable work environment. The toxic office politics prevents me from concentrating on my work. The general attitude of everyone working in the office is hostile towards each other. Instead of working as a team, colleagues are envious of each other’s success and do not exhibit cooperation. I have brought up the issue several times to higher management, but it has not been resolved. I find it very hard to work productively in such an environment. 

I am, nevertheless, grateful to the management for letting me serve the organization. I have gained relevant work experience as a boost to my career. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity.

I have discussed the reason behind my resignation so that the company may take the necessary action to improve the work environment. It is important to deal with this issue in order to improve overall productivity.

Please contact me for any queries or discussions regarding the matter.

Resignation letter due to bad work environment

3. Due to bullying

This is my official resignation letter effective 15 days from now. I am providing two weeks’ notice as per my job agreement. 

I thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work as the Media Manager at ABC Company. Unfortunately, I am unable to continue due to an extremely hostile attitude of my colleagues as well as superiors towards me. I am bullied by others since I am the only [X] in the office. Although I have made a complaint to the human resource department a couple of times, the prevailing [X] at the office prevents everyone from changing their attitude towards me. I am unable to work to my full potential owing to this hostility and bullying. It is, therefore, best for myself as well as the company that I resign.

I would strongly suggest the company lay down rules against [X] and [X] discrimination. There should be even stronger rules against bullying in the office. This would play an important part in maintaining the overall image of the organization.

Kindly clear my dues and issue my job experience letter. Thank you in anticipation. 

Resignation letter due to bullying boss

4. Stressful work environment

It is with immense regret that I submit my resignation, effective 25th March. Please note that following my employment agreement, I notified the company about my intent to resign a month beforehand.

It has been a pleasure working as the Assistant Supervisor, HR Department for 3 years. However, since the partnership of the company with ABC Corporation has been established 6 months ago, the workload has increased drastically. The deadlines are too short, and the number of pending projects has been piling up. With such a stressful working environment, my mental health has been declining. This is the reason behind my resignation.

I hope you find a replacement for my position soon. I will be glad to train him for the job until I am here during my notice period.

Resignation letter due to stressful work environment

5. Unfair treatment

I am submitting my official resignation from my job as the HR Manager with deep regret. As per my work contract, I am providing the company with a 30 days notice of my intention to leave. My last working day shall be on the 20th of June.

It has been a pleasure working for XYZ Company for 8 years. However, I have been feeling upset at the unfair treatment I receive each time my work contract is renewed every 2 years. Despite my hard work and efficiency,

I have neither received a substantial increment nor a promotion even after working for a period of 8 years here. My performance has always been appreciated by the management but my request for gaining permanent employee status is constantly rejected. My progress here has been halted. Therefore, I have decided to resign so that I may find a better opportunity for my career.

Resignation letter due to unfair treatment

6. Conflict with boss

This is to inform you that I am no longer willing to continue my job as the Assistant HR Manager at XYZ Corporation. Please consider this as my official resignation.

It has been an honor working at this reputable organization. Unfortunately, the frequent disagreements between us overwork strategies affect my job performance. I wish to work more independently while you, on the other hand, want everything done your way. You end up suppressing my creativity and initiative.

The recent ABC project was the final nail in the package. Our ideas and strategies were constantly conflicting. The project proved that we cannot work as a team. It is, therefore, better if I give up my position as your subordinate in this company.

Despite our work conflicts, I still look up to you as a fine leader. I hold no personal grudge against you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you.

Resignation letter due to conflict with boss

7. Bad behavior of boss

I hereby submit my resignation from the post of Assistant Technician, IT Department. I will continue to serve for a period of two weeks in accordance with my job contract. I request you pay my dues and perform the clearance process within my notice period.

During the 3 years of my service, I have worked sincerely for the organization. Mr. John, my former supervisor had no complaints regarding my work. However, since Miss XYZ replaced him last year, I have received over-criticism for my work. I do not mind having a critical boss, but her way of exhibiting her disapproval is unacceptable to me. She often degrades me and humiliates me in front of the other team members.

My complaints to the higher management about her misconduct have not been much productive even though several of my colleagues have also found her behavior to be outrageous. 

I do not hesitate to work hard and accept work challenges, but I cannot tolerate my supervisor’s rude behavior anymore.

Notwithstanding, I thank the company for allowing me to serve it. I have gained good work experience which is going to be beneficial for my next job.

Please contact me on my official email or phone for any questions or discussions. I will be available till my last working day here, which is 20th February.

Resignation letter due to bad behavior of boss

8. Bullying boss

I am writing to inform you of my intent to resign from my job as a Junior Accountant with immediate effect. I am aware that my salary for this month will be withheld upon my failure to provide a two weeks prior notice as per my job agreement with the company. I willingly accept the condition as I can no longer continue to work for a single day due to the circumstances.

With due respect, you have not been an exemplary leader. Your behavior with your subordinates is unprofessional and unacceptable. I have been tolerating your bullying for a long time. However, after yesterday’s incident, I no longer wish to continue working in this environment.

I will clear my dues with the HR department tomorrow.  I hope you find a replacement for me soon.

Resignation letter due to bullying boss

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