Response Letter to Complaint of Technical Fault in System

A response letter to the complaint of a technical fault in the system is a letter that is written by an organization and is addressed to the customer who has experienced a technical fault in the system for which he holds the organization responsible. As this is a response letter the organization aims to respond to the particular issue the customer has complained about and tries to resolve it in the best manner possible while trying to make the customer satisfied by offering some sort of compensation.

A technical fault in the system may or may not happen due to the oversight of the company. The technology is continuously evolving, similarly, new bugs and viruses are appearing every day as well. Whether the technical fault has resulted due to the company’s mistake or not, if the customer has complained about it, the company should try to address it or explain to the customer that the company is not responsible for it. In the latter situation, if it is feasible, the companies sometimes, offer free rectification services to build a relationship with the customer.

Usually, the customer is reached out through a response letter to the complaint of a technical fault in the system. It is a formal letter, issued on the company’s letterhead. The tone of this letter should be professional, and it should not be condescending or critical. The customer should not directly be blamed for the technical fault. As for its content, it may vary as per:

  • The circumstances
  • The severity of the customer’s complaint
  • The magnitude of the customer’s loss due to the technical fault
  • The company’s policy of complaint handling, etc.

However, generally, a template of such a response letter has the following information:

  • Date.
  • Customer details.
  • Organization details.
  • Complaint details.
  • Organization’s response and resolution, including explanation, apology, rectification, etc.
  • Compensation, if applicable.
  • Ensure that the technical fault would not occur again.
  • Apologize again.

If the company’s response would resolve the customer’s issue, it may suffice for the customer. However, if the organization does not give a satisfactory answer, and does not resolve the technical fault, the customer may sue it, and handle the case legally.

Sample Response Letter to Complaint of Technical Fault in System

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this response letter about your complaint on 5th January 20XX regarding the technical fault in the software that our company has developed for you.

We are extremely sorry that you had to face this problem and the software stopped working after few days. We are unsure of the reason yet as we had tested it for two weeks before delivering it to you. However, to resolve your problem we are sending our team of experts to your office tomorrow, i.e., 7th January 20XX, at 10:00 a.m. They will fix the problem as well as they will make sure that no issue would arise again. There are no charges for that. In addition, due to the extra feature of a backup system installed in the software we assure you that none of your data would be lost.

We hope you will understand that, sometimes, even a small bug may cause a big technical fault. However, we are certain, that there are no issues with respect to the development of the software.

Let us know if we can be of any other help as well. Your complaint would be resolved tomorrow for sure. We are sorry again.

Thank you for your understanding.


Silvia Steven.

Response Letter to Complaint of Technical Fault in System

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