Shop Rent Reduction Request Letter


Dear Mr. Ronald,

I am Alexander Hughes and have been running my business in a shop that I have taken from you on rent for the last six years. We have established good terms as tenants and landlords and never disputed on any matter. Neither I gave you any complaint about rent nor did you provide me an opportunity to argue. In retaliation to the letter I got on Monday you were talking about the rent increase from the 15th of the coming month. I had already thought to make you a request about reducing rent. The purpose of my writing this letter is to request you to stop increasing the rent for some time.

It is an undeniable fact that I had got fruitful profit from my business but due to the current state of affairs of Coronavirus there has come enormous downfall to all kinds of businesses and it has also taken the lives of millions of people. The country is passing through the phase of lockdown and people now prefer shopping online. Due to all this, I am facing a severe economic crisis as I have not earned any amount the day lockdown has started. Because of this, I am hardly making both hands meet and upon this, your request for increasing rent has proven a shock for me. My core aim of this letter was to make your request about reducing rent.

As I have described to you the situation well, I request you to approve this request. It will be a great favor on your behalf. In this time of great difficulty, we all need each other’s support. I would be highly obliged to you for granting my rent reducing request. Thank you.


Lucifer Ralph

Shop rent reduction request letter


Subject: Shop at [X] rent reduction request

Dear Mr. Wavell,

I had got your letter last week in which you were demanding about the rent increase. My penning down of this letter is to make your request about reducing the monthly rent because of financial crises. I had never ever thought to write about these terms because we have established a powerful relationship as a tenant and a landlord. During these years, I have never made any request to you or complaint about something. This is for the very first time that I have put forward rent reducing request.

As you know that the ongoing condition of the COVID-19 that has brought a decline to the financial and economic growth of the country and all kind of governmental and non-governmental institutions have faced severe nemesis. Not only this pandemic has taken the lives of millions of people across the globe but has also spawned wreckage to the world’s economy by leaving people feeble. Moreover, there is a lockdown in the country and due to this, I am unable to open the shop on daily basis for the last three months.

I gave you rent on the 5th of every month in spite of all this and did not make any complaint. I also know that as per the signed contract between you and me it was your right to increase the rent at the start of the year. Due to lockdown and global pandemic, we are forced to sit homes and I have not earned a single penny in these four months.

I am unable now to pay the full rent due to prevailing circumstances. Therefore, I request you to reduce the shop rent. It would be a great approbation from your side. I assure you once the lockdown ends and my business returns to its original position then you can increase it. Keeping in view afore told situation I am hopeful that you will understand my situation well. In this time of great difficulty, we all need each other’s support. I would be highly obliged to you for granting my rent reducing request. Thank you.


Mathew Joseph

Shop rent reduction request letter

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