Letter of Intent for Cleaning Services

A letter of intent is a formal way of intimating an agreement, made between two companies, official to make it authentic and avoid any ambiguity. Oftentimes, when two companies make a contract or deal about a mutual project, they sign the contracts and agreements documents. However, this alone is not always sufficient proof as both parties have documents of their own. Not having a similar and shared document with the relevant details on the nature of the project written and validated from both ends can make grounds for any legal implication or fraud. This is where a letter of intent comes in handy as it caters to all of the possible concerns in this regard.

Every little detail on the nature of work has to be mentioned in this letter. The introduction of the sender company and the deal made between it and the client company can be added as well. When you are writing such a letter, make sure you highlight the following things in specifications.

  • The details on services
  • The price of each service, no matter how insignificant it may seem. You can write a per-unit amount.
  • The period decided between both parties for the services.
  • All the dos and don’ts pre-decided by both parties in the implementation.
  • If the client company has its own terms and conditions with regards to the cancellation of the contract, it must be brought in the notice in the letter of intent.

For specifically on cleaning services, you may not forget writing what kind of cleaning is required by the client company and the charges of each type. You may also write down the guarantee your company provides and the penalty you will be entitled to in case of any damage to the client’s property.

Following is a draft of a letter of intent for cleaning services you can take help from. You can thank us later.

Sample Letter

Dear Skyrockets,

It is intimated to you that our deal about cleaning your company’s building shall take effect from Monday. According to the contract, One Stop Cleaning Solutions is obliged to clean and scrub the surface, vacuuming the carpets, and hygiene the kitchen, offices, and all appliances within the premises of the building.

The schedule of these services is 7-working days, Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. All the tools and equipment necessary for the above mentioned tasks will be provided by One Stop Cleaning Solutions.

Skyrockets withhold the powers to change the scope of the agreed services within 3-working days. If you find out services of not the quality or have any relevant complaint, please feel free to contact Mr. Wolf at [X] or [website] during the work hours and he shall cater to your displeasure.

All the necessary details about the pricing of each service and its length are given in the attached document. Our contract shall remain intact throughout the whole period (mention the start and end date) until the discontinuation of this project.

Signature: One Stop Cleaning Solutions
Signature: Skyrockets

Letter of Intent for Cleaning Services

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