Tender Submission Cover Letter


Re. Submission of the Tender No. 289B0/2020 Invited

Dear Luke,

This letter has been penned to submit tender no 289B0/2020 as mentioned in the subject. The tender is about to carry out the work related to the construction of a corporate company on Steward Hall Road, California, USA. The tender has been notified on 23-11-20XX and is submitted to you for the invitation. It is strictly in accordance with the DLC Provisions of Corporate Financing.

The tender has been provided on the project of construction which includes registration of documents and submission of project and contractors’ file in the General Mayor’s office and I am glad to inform you that every pre-requisite has been executed and implicated effectively.

We have enclosed all the information with this letter in three envelopes; each carries different particulars. A small list of the provided documents is as follows:

  1. Clarification of Tender from DLC Authorities
  2. Notification inviting tender and bills
  3. Bid of financing
  4. Technical and special terms of the contract
  5. Forms required to be fulfilled and procedures of the project execution

We are depositing our tender and expect to be responded to within the stipulated time given by the company. A lot more can be discussed and negotiated after a meeting.

Please make sure to inform us about your earliest feasible availability for the meeting. You can write to us at [email] or call us on our landline [X] from 9 AM to 5 PM. We are looking forward to your earliest response and a good deal of project analysis. Thank you.


Stern Tomes,
The Manager, GHK Groups, and CO.
32-a/90 Ground X California, USA

Tender Submission Cover Letter


RE: Submission of Tender Notice No. 56/B901-2020 Taking up Project of Providing Forty Minibuses for the Local Transportation Company (LTC), the USA Dated on 22-11-20XX and Due on 22-10-21XX

Dear Williams,

I am taking this opportunity to submit the tender notice no. 56/B901-2020 with reference to the aforementioned subject. This tender belongs to carrying up a consequential project of providing the local government with forty minibusses on the archaic designs. The project takes up to prepare the buses based on the foundational concepts of the open buses. The Local Transportation Company of USA (LTC) plans to launch the buses in impeccable compliance with pandemic SOPs. It means to say that the buses would make sure to be open, spacious, and aerated enough to make sure the social distancing with automatic sanitizing machinery.

The project is complicated and multifaceted enough because of the short time frame, innovative idea, and incorporation of the latest modulation. It includes a lot of expertise, skills, and competency. Due to the short time frame, to begin the project in no time would be appreciable. The project is unconditional but highly qualified, thus demanding too.

I am submitting this tender on behalf of LTC to be considered and scrutinized. Our scrutiny committee has gone through and approved it to forward. Moreover, I hereby assure you that the provided information is correct. Nothing has been omitted rendering misleading information. We shall provide any additional information if necessary or demanded by the competent invitees.

We acknowledge that this deposit has been made with complete and fair calculations and can be considered for the response. No agency or corrupt element has been included in the procedure and it is free from all kinds of violations. I declare that the provided information complies with the rules and regulations enclosed and undertake to abide by all the terms and conditions.

Please inform at your earliest convenience. You can contact us by writing to us at [email] or by dialing [X]. Thank you.


Steve Keller
Local Transportation Company (LTC),
Main Office, 89-6th Avenue, California, USA

Tender Submission Cover Letter

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