Termination Letter for Misbehaving with Female Staff


The grounds for writing this letter are to notify you of your termination on the account of misbehaving with a female staff member from the position of assistant executives in XYZ Organization. The organization is agreed upon the decision of terminating from the said post after examining your conduct with female staff members from the past five months. After observing your behavior, we have come up with the decision to terminate you based on certain points. You have behaved ruthlessly with Miss Julia who is the director of the finance manager and you abused her and used harsh tone with her. Not only this, but you also made the wrong allegiances with newly appointed female employees regarding selling policy and products that have damaged the esteem of the organization. You have utilized lower grade female workers for your own amenities and have ill-treated them.

Your coworkers have registered complaints against you detailing your rough behavior. Mr. Hamilton has also informed me of your heartless behavior towards office work. Despite his hard efforts and counseling, you did not show any positivity in your attitude. You also come late in the organization despite the warnings that were given to you many times. In our last meeting that was held on March 20XX, you had assured us that you will not repeat the above-mentioned attitude in the future. Despite all the efforts no fruitful result came from your side. This kind of attitude is not acceptable at all and is against the set rules of the company and the company considers it as misconduct and for this reason, you have been issued a termination letter.

In XYZ Organization we expect our employees to be polite with female staff members and we are much concerned about the reputation of the company and we cannot compromise on this matter. We are only left with one option of terminating you. You will be given a salary for this month and if you have any questions regarding it then let us know.


Morphine Kart

Termination Letter for Misbehaving with Female Staff


Subject: Termination for misbehaving with female staff

Dear Mr. Hughes,

The motive for penning down this letter is to bring to your notice that you are being terminated from the company on account of your behaving badly and inhumane with female staff members of the company. Your order of termination has to be implemented with immediate effect. This decision has been taken after reviewing the company’s corrective process. It was the need of the hour to terminate you because after giving so many verbal warnings you did not show good behavior and you time and again violated the company’s anti intimidation policy. The rules of the company have to be followed at any rate and these are the same for everyone without differentiation.

If anyone fails to put up with the company’s terms and policies it is risky for both staff members as well as for the company. We are authoritative to take the termination action and no one can raise any objection on it. You can no longer enjoy the benefits linked with your post as managing director upon termination. If you have in your possession company’s computer, car, laptop, and other things then please return it kindly to the accounts office. You should keep in mind the thing that you despite your termination you have to follow the rules of confidentiality of the company. if you are not supposed to disclose the secret information of the company with anyone during your course here.

You will get your full salary for this month and this decisiveness is irremediable. You were put under strict observation but in spite of all this, you did not show any improvement. So terminating you was the option left for us.


Michel Lord

Termination Letter for Misbehaving with Female Staff

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