Thank You Message to Boss for Assigning New Project


Dear boss, this is Alen Mark writing a formal message of appreciation for considering my skills to assign me a new project with our oldest and esteemed client ABC Solution. I will prove my worth and professionalism while executing this project. You will not regret your choice. Sincerely, Alen Mark


Respected Sir, please accept this message as my formal note of gratitude for assigning me the most crucial project in the recent history of the company. I will work hard with the due dedication, and diligence required and will not let you down. Hopefully, our client will love it and make us their regular partners in forthcoming projects. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove my worth to you and this company.


I am glad you chose me out of all the team as the project lead. Under my supervision and team playing skills, the entire team will work hard towards accomplishing the goals of this project. Together, we will win our client’s hearts by providing them with a top-notch execution of this project. Sincerely, XYZ.


I hope this new project that you have given me the responsibility of will be yet another opportunity to not only explore my hidden talents but prove my professional worth as well. The challenging nature of it will demonstrate my craft and aptitudes. Thank you for assigning this project to me, you will be disappointed.


Sir, by appointing me the head of this project, you have given me another chance to make you proud. I vow to invest all my energy and brains in carrying out this project in a proficient manner. My competency will be polished as well as I will lay out strategies to complete it in a top-notch manner.


Sir, thank you for providing me an opportunity to work on such an innovative project. I am already loving the bumpy ride I am going to have. Surely, this project will craft the best of my abilities and I will come out as the brightest asset of your company.


Writing this expression of gratitude is not enough for your confidence in me. I am truly humbled as you trusted my strengths and expertise to perform for this project. I will not let you down. You will witness me as the new emerging talent of your company. Thank you!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having faith in me to hand me over such a huge project. You will be proud of my performance and execution strategies. This is going to be the most successful project in the history of our company.


I am glad you have ascribed this significant project to me. With your guidance and direction, we will be able to accomplish it in the best way. Thank you for entrusting to me!


Dear sir, thank you for showing faith in my expertise by handing over such an important project to me and my team. We will make you proud!

Thank You Message to Boss for Assigning New Project

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