Thank You Messages to Boss for Opportunity


Dear boss, it is my pleasure to receive such a great opportunity from you. I will use my services in the best interests of this company and make sure you do not regret your choice. Thank you for giving me a chance!


Respected Ma’am, having an opportunity to prove my worth to you is a great blessing for me. I have been looking forward to this moment since I joined the company. With my diligence and dedication, I will prove to you that you made the right choice of picking me to join your official team.


Please accept this message as my formal expression of appreciation for making me a member of your special cabinet. I have been waiting for this day to come so I could utilize my professional exposure and knowledge in the favor of the business. Together, we will take this company to an unprecedented height of success and fame.


Thank you for allowing me to take the lead on such a huge project. I promise to you that under my supervision, my team will craft the best conclusion ever for this project. With skills and my entire team’s practical experience, we will create strategies that will only bring forth productivity we have not witnessed before in this company.


I am truly humbled as you have picked me for this official convoy to Japan for marketing our latest product. I will make sure we establish a prolonged work relationship with our new clients through my and my team’s action plans. Hopefully, we will return home with a huge deal on our plate.


Sir, I understand how much this deal means to you and how crucial it is for the business’s growth. I feel proud that you have chosen me for carrying it out. Using my marketing expertise and know-how in client psychology, I will make sure we convince the client company and bag this huge project.


I am grateful to you for assigning me such a crucial project. I hope with your guidance and mentorship, I and my team will be able to carry it out in the most professional decorum ever.


This is an acknowledging note for a compassionate boss who always gave me a chance to prove my talent to the company. I vow to use all my powers and strengths for the benefit of the business. Thank you for allowing me to challenge my abilities.


A mere thank you would not be enough for an emphatic boss like you who always provided me with an opportunity to grow and fly high. You are a true mentor an employee could wish for.


It has been an incredible experience working under your supervision and mentorship. The way you correct me and teach me cannot be compensated by any favor. I hope you will counsel me throughout this new opportunity too. Thank you for always being there for me, sir!

Thank You Messages to Boss for Opportunity

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