Thank You Messages to Employer when Leaving Company


Dear Boss, it has been great working with you. I got to learn many new skills and expand my expertise. If it were not for employers like you, I would not have got an offer from a mainstream company. Thank you for investing in me dear sir, I genuinely value everything you did for me.


Dear Sir, please accept this message as my formal expression of gratitude for everything you did for me. Throughout these years I spent in this company in your shadow, I not only mastered the art of alluring clients but learned the perfect style of project execution. I vow to keep your good name alive in my forthcoming years by practicing what I acquire from you.


Respected Ma’am, as I bid my farewell to the company I reckoned as my home, I have nothing but only well wishes for you and my colleagues I am leaving behind. Your kindness in teaching me new skills, compassion while correcting me, and giving me multiple chances to grow my expertise has launched an amazing career for my future. I thank you from the deepest of my heart for allowing me to discover my true self.


Boss, as I embark on my forthcoming ventures, I would like to extend my gratefulness to you for allowing me to be the recipient of your kindness throughout my whole career at your company. The way you showed me to unlock new horizons and drive the tides when storms are high.


Dearest Sir, I am leaving the company, but I will never quit the amazing relationship I had with you and my colleagues. Please allow me to keep in touch with you as I would never want to discontinue learning from you. I pay my gratitude to you for everything you have done for me.


You completely knocked my feet when I joined the company under your amazing mentorship. I am truly humbled to have had the opportunity to expand my skillset from you and learn all the pro expertise that is still helping me pave my way.


Sir, my heart is still over the moon for all the artistry you have taught me. I express my deep appreciation to you as I am leaving the company with a sad heart. I hope and pray for many more individuals to earn the opportunity to acquire the same values from you.


The values you taught me through your compassionate and empathetic ways have laid tiles for the prospects I never imagined before in my professional life. Please accept this message as my formal expression of gratitude for all these years. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.


Thank you for being a supportive and friendly boss who always invested in my betterment. You will stay in my heart forever.


Some people are so generous and supportive, you look at their face and feel at home. This is how you have been for me despite our professional relationship. Thank you, sir!

Thank You Messages to Employer when Leaving Company

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