Theft Incident Report at Workplace Letter


I am writing this letter to register a theft report of my laptop and mobile phone that was stolen last Monday from the office. I am of the view that this incident occurred during office break hours between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Not only on the said day I kept my laptop and mobile in the drawer but I always keep my things in it.

On Monday, before break hours I went to the cashier counter as part of my daily schedule. When I returned from there, I found both my laptop and mobile were not present in the drawer. No outsider was present at that time in the office. I have my suspicion of two or three people because they could easily access my drawer. Only Mr. Jackson and Meezo know where I keep my drawer keys.

Sir, all the official data and project plans were present in it. Moreover, my family pictures and some personal information were also in it. I have lost my all contacts. This letter is meant to request you about investigating this matter and bring the criminal on the screen. It is disappointing to find my colleagues involved in this. I cannot believe that such kind of incidents can occur in the company.

It is my humble request to you to please have a look at this matter and let all of us know the true criminal. I cannot afford to buy a new laptop and mobile phone with my existing salary. This incident can happen with anyone in the office next time if something not seriously taken in this regard.

I would be highly obliged to you to have a keen interest in my report. It would be a great favor for me. Kindly let me know if you want to ask anything further in this regard.



Theft Incident Report at Workplace Letter


Dear Mr. Bennet,

Please regard this letter as a complaint against a theft incident that happened with me last Friday in the office. Someone has stolen the salary that I had withdrawn from the bank. As soon as I came back after withdrawing, I kept it in the locker. I had thought to take it along with me when I will go back home.

Unfortunately, the keys to the locker were attached to it and I forgot to take them. Someone took this as an opportunity and took my all money. I had to pay for my wife’s operation that’s why I had withdrawn the whole salary. Otherwise, I withdraw money according to my needs.

Sir, when I had signed the contract it was written that you hire honest workers. I had never met such kind of incident before. With the arrival of two or three new employees, such incidents occur in the company the other day. Some other workers had also complained about this. I cannot expect dishonesty from my colleagues. This incident has shaken me to the core. Almost half of the employees were on leave that day. So it would be easy for you to investigate this matter.

I want you to look upon this matter and bring the culprit to the audience. You should expel such an employee from the company that is involved in wrongdoing. This time I have become the victim of a theft incident. Next time it can happen with any of the employees.

Therefore, I request you to take kind consideration to my report and do something in this regard.


Thomas Jackson

Theft Incident Report at Workplace Letter

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