To Whom It May Concern Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation also known as reference letters are written to give the recipient an idea of a person’s talent, nature, and working habits. It is usually a requirement of the employers that before hiring the employee should present them with reference letters from previous employees or mentors who can vouch for their competence and hard work.

Reference letters are also required by universities or colleges at the time of admission. Sometimes reference letters are required for renting out an office or residential space.

A reference letter is a document based on facts that endorse a person for a specific job or a scholarship or a place of residence. It is based on the writer’s experience with the person who is being recommended and its aim is to prove that the subject is perfect for the spot for which he/she is being considered. Since these letters are written for a variety of purposes their contents are tailored accordingly.

A recommendation letter written to recommend a candidate for a specific job should focus on the candidate’s competence and expertise in that area and should highlight their previous professional achievements.

A recommendation letter to a prospective landlord should be from a previous landlord or neighbor and should focus on the person’s conduct as a tenant and a community member. All the traits that can help the landlord to trust someone with their property should be highlighted.

Similarly, if the recommendation letter’s goal is to secure a grant or scholarship for the student, it should mention their academic achievements and personality traits like hard work and dedication to convince the recipient of the student’s merit.

Some general points to keep in mind when writing a recommendation letter are:

  • The recommendation letter should not be too long. It should mention all the relevant points in a clear and concise way.
  • The letter should have a formal tone and casualness should be avoided as it would lessen the impact of the facts being presented. At the same time, the language used should not be flowery or complex and the tone should be polite.

The general format of the letter is as under:

  • Greeting: when the letter is requested by the employer/ university and you know the recipient’s name, address them directly. Otherwise the generic heading ‘To Whom It May Concern’ should be used.
  • Introduction of the writer: The next step is to introduce yourself and explain why you are the perfect person for writing the recommendation letter. It could be because you have taught the student and know that they deserve to get the specific grant. Or you could be an old landlord and are hence in the best position to recommend the tenant to the new prospective landlord. You should clearly describe your relationship with the person you are recommending.
  • Reason for recommendation: After your introduction, you come to the main point which is describing why you think the person you are recommending is perfect for the job/grant/ rental space. Be convincing and list all the points you feel would make your case stronger. The exact points would depend on the type of recommendation. You can add any personal story, when the person you are recommending, exhibits the personality traits required by the recipient.
  • Closing statement: The closing statement would basically be a reiteration of your endorsement and effectively close your case in their favor.
  • Signature: you would end the letter with your signatures. This would include the complete name, designation, department and company name, and complete contact information.



{Designation} at {company}


Subject: To whom it may concern of recommendation

To whom it may concern

I [name] am serving as [designation] in [company name] since the last [number of] years. Mr.[name] served as [designation] in our company from [date] to [date]. As his team leader during this time, I trained him for the job requirements and observed his progress. He proved himself to be a hard worker and a very dedicated and devoted employee. His work ethics and professionalism are commendable.

From all the details that I have obtained about your requirements Mr.[name] is suitable for this job and I highly recommend him based on my experience. Feel free to contact me in case of any other queries.


Company name


To Whom It May Concern Letter of Recommendation

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