Unacceptable Behavior Letter to Employee

Letter #1

Re. Concerns over Unacceptable Behavior

Mr. [Name], the letter shows the predicament and disappointment of observed misbehavior at your end. I am writing to express grave concerns about your bad behavior at work. It is not acceptable to misbehave with your coworkers, subordinates, and seniors. Therefore, this letter serves as a written expression of concern and disappointment with the behavior.

I received a letter from the evaluation team, who evaluated all the employees based on the previous month’s performance. According to the evaluation report submitted, it has been observed that you are occupying a distrustful, disrespectful, and agitating image of all the staff members.

You are not only found to be misbehaving with your coworkers but also shouting at your subordinates on trivial matters, being rude, and spreading humiliating remarks about your senior colleagues and managers. This demonstrates sheer disrespect and unprofessionalism toward your job.

The Company’s policy for a good demeanor at work states that no disrespectfulness, humiliation, agitating behavior, or intentional malice shall be accepted and treated with a severe reprimand. You are a good employee who puts great interest in the given assignments and tasks; therefore, we are taking this moment to warn you of possible reprimanding measures in the future.

If you have ample explanation for the unacceptable behavior, visit me in my Office on [day] at [time]. You can also email me at [email address] to explain your side. I expect the correction of your behavior and professional demeanor in the future. Thank you.


[Position in the company]
[Company Name & logo]
[Signature of authority]

Unacceptable behavior letter to employee

(Sample -2)

Subject: Reference to Complain # [X]: Unacceptable Behavior at Work

Dear [Name],

With reference to the above-mentioned subject, this letter has been written with serious concerns about the incident that happened on [date]. According to the reported incident, i.e. complaint mentioned in the Serial Employees’ Affair Management, it is recorded that you slapped your senior in the heat of the quarrel on the mentioned date.

This incident was recorded by another employee and uploaded on Facebook, which has caused a huge curious reaction from people from other corporate companies. Moreover, the video also showed the background wall with the logo of the Company, causing sheer defamation of the Company’s good Name.

I have completed the required inquiry of the incident and found out you at a mistake. Therefore, the company management has decided to take disciplinary action against you for the misbehavior, instigating the dispute, raising a hand at the Company’s senior employees, and spreading terror among other staff members.

Looking at what happened and the defamation caused by your misdemeanor, we have decided to terminate yours immediately without any delay. No further notice shall be served for this case. Please take your final paycheck from the Finance Manager, including this month’s salary, and evacuate the office space immediately.

The Company is ready to cope with the legal implication of the decision. Hence, we have advised the Company’s legal advisor to look into this matter and deal with the legal aspects of this decision. You are welcome to discuss if you think any discourse would be ample to serve. Thank you.

[Name & position]
[Signature with date]

Unacceptable behavior letter to employee

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