Daily Fuel Consumption Report Letter

Subject: Daily Fuel Consumption Report for [ABC]

Dear Sir, this letter serves as a report letter. With reference to the above-mentioned subject, I am writing to put into your kind consideration that the fuel consumed on [date] is [X] liter.

On [date], three consignments were sent to the [Name of the city], and five consignments were sent to the [Name of the city]. A list of the consignments is given below:

  1. Furnished apparel for office (reference ID. 675); sent to [name the company]
  2. Local color thought dummies for apparel store (Reference ID 3120); sent to [Name of the company]
  3. Finished Items and Internal Designing Items (Reference ID. 9202193); sent to [Name of the company]

Three of the total consignments’ transportation fuel was to be paid by the company according to
the conditions mentioned in their respective contracts. The other consignments’ fuel shall be paid for by
their respective companies, not our company.

Extra care has been taken while calculating the cost of the consumed fuel, which is USD [X]. The amount has been deducted from the company’s account by the system automation provided by the chief executive of the company’s finance management.

I have tried calculating every aspect of the consumption; however, errors and omissions are expected.
Please let me know if I have to provide more details. The data has been saved for the weekly, monthly,
and yearly fuel consumption calculations.

Please find the exact calculation analysis attached as an Excel Sheet file duly signed by the General
Finance Manager. Thank you.



Daily fuel consumption report letter

(Sample -2)

Re. Reporting Daily Fuel Consumption: Employee Edition

Dear Madam,

This letter has been written to report daily fuel consumption on the employees’ services for the date [mention the date]. The employees’ services include picking up and dropping off the employees for official visits and meetings. The consumption also includes the pick-and-drop service to the employees whose pick-drop services have been included in the appointment.

A total of ten employees out of all commuted on [date] for different purposes. They visited sites and took to meetings on various points. The total distance covered on the date is [xx] miles. Three out of ten employees received the regular pick-and-drop service from their doorstep. It consumed [X] liter of petrol.

One of the company’s regular clients was taken to the site area, which is under construction for the purpose of scrutiny and observation process of civil services of engineering being provided which consumed almost [xx] liter petrol.

Moreover, 25 laymen were taken to the construction site area by the company’s labor truck, along with bricks and cement bags. It consumed more than [x] liter petrol.

The total fuel consumed is [xxx] liter for the date, costing USD [X]. Payment has been made by check duly signed by the chief executive, Mr. [name], in charge of the financial assistance. Please find the spreadsheet of calculated fuel consumption and a copy of the check payment for the fuel.

Kindly send back this letter to me by signing and approving the daily report on fuel consumption. Thank you.

In case of any queries, please call.



Daily fuel consumption report letter

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