Warning Letter to Security Guard for Poor Performance

A warning letter is a formal or written warning issued by an executive of an association. The fundamental purpose of writing a warning letter to someone is to inform the receiver to mend his/her ways and if they do not do so, they will have to face consequences accordingly. 

Sample -1

The purpose of writing this letter to you is to give you a final chance in the form of a written warning after many verbal warnings being ignored. A security guard is hired for the purpose of securing the place in a way that the rest of the crew may feel safe in his presence.

You have been reported having caught asleep during your working hours. This news wasn’t less than a shock for us. The authorities, the management, the bosses, and all the crew rely on your abilities and work freely without any kind of fear. That is their trust in you that you will secure them against any mishap if they ever have to face one.   

Many of the staff members also caught you asleep on their off timings and they expressed their insecurities for what they are absolutely on right. You were told many times by the HR and other managing crew not to show this kind of negligence since it cannot be overlooked in the long run.

We’re a multinational company {Mention Name} and have many foes out there. This was the very reason for hiring a security guard and there is no point in keeping you if we feel insecure in your presence. Therefore, this is the last warning letter and if you ever found asleep, you will be dismissed instantly.

You’re asked to present before the disciplinary committee and assure them that nothing of this kind will ever be repeated if you wish to stay.


Warning Letter to Security Guard for Poor Performance

Sample -2

This letter serves you as a final warning letter for redeeming your misdemeanor that you have been showing since your appointment as a security guard. We have got many complaints against you that your behavior with the staff is often irritating. You get out of tone in just no time that too for no good reason.

This attitude won’t be served in our institute since we believe that respect should prevail if we want to maintain a healthy atmosphere. No one has the right to demean the other without or even with a valid reason. The authorities and disciplinary committees are here to hear your ongoing issues.

If you think you have a problem with someone or someone who mistreated you, then you should report the incident right then and there to the management instead of behaving rudely with every other employee of the company.

Two incidents of your misconduct have been reported to the disciplinary committee. You are supposed to present before them tomorrow at 2 pm sharp and explain the matter by stating the reasons behind this delinquency. And if you fail to do so, you will have to face the consequences of harassing the workers.


Warning Letter to Security Guard for Poor Performance

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