6 Letters of Response for Termination of Services or Contract


Letter Responding to Wrongful Termination

I am writing to express my grievance at my termination from the post of Senior Manager at XYZ Corporation. I received my termination letter on the 12th of May, 2033 with a notice period of 1 month.

According to my expulsion letter, this decision has been made by the management owing to the fact that I have crossed the retirement age of 60 years. However, the company policy states that I have a right to ask for an extension for at least a period of two more years. The final decision lies with the Chief Executive Manager. In light of this policy, my termination is not only unfair, but it is an outright breach of my employment contract.  

I have been working with XYZ for the last 15 years. During this period, I have never received a verbal or written warning for any reason. My performance report has also always been satisfactory. I have not let my progressing age affect my job efficiency. In fact, I am still in good physical shape and have been coping well with the workload. I can easily get approval for my extension request considering my past performance, experience, and physical fitness. The management should have given me a chance to submit an extension application before giving me a termination letter.

I request a withdrawal of my termination by the higher management. I would like to make my rightful appeal for an extension to the Chief Executive Manager and wait for his decision before further action can be taken.

I await your response. In case you didn’t respond I will consult legal services to handle the matter.

I hope to have this issue resolved peacefully by the earliest.


Angry reply letter to job termination

I am writing to express my utter displeasure upon receiving my termination letter this morning on the 14th of July. I have been terminated without prior notice and without a valid reason! I am appalled and outraged at the mistreatment I have received after sincerely serving XYZ Company for 7 years.

The Managing Director, Mr. Doe ordered my immediate expulsion on the pretext of insubordination. In reality, however, it is Mr. Doe’s big ego that has led to my disgraceful termination. He does not want anyone to disagree with his opinions even if an employee wishes to speak for the benefit of the organization. This is exactly what happened today at our project meeting.

My only display of “insubordination” was the sharing of my own views regarding the progress of our company. To Mr. Doe’s displeasure, the ideas that I presented contradicted his own. I refused to bend down to him and praise his futile and pointless plans which led to my subsequent termination.

I am not going to accept this treatment after all my devoted hard work. I am definitely going to talk to my lawyer and seek a legal solution against Mr. Doe and XYZ for my baseless dismissal.  Even if the management withdraws my expulsion letter, I am going to put up a resignation myself. I no longer wish to work in such a toxic work environment.


Response letter to the client after contract termination

We have received your letter today about the termination of our business contract. Our company feels regretful for losing a wonderful client. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by us.

We understand the reasons you gave in your letter for ending our contract. However, we have been doing our best to come up to your standards and meet the deadlines. The unfortunate delay in the delivery of our first two consignments had been due to the transporters’ strike last month. Our raw material could not be delivered to us on time leading to the subsequent delay in our manufacturing processes. If you could give us 2 more weeks, all three of your consignments will be ready.

We would like to arrange a meeting with you to further discuss the matter. Kindly let us know when we can reach you.

We eagerly look forward to your response.


Job termination appeal turned down response letter

This is with reference to my job termination appeal. I have been dismayed to receive your rejection letter today. However, I respect your final decision and thank you for the experience I gained during my time here.

XYZ Company provided me with a great working environment. My team was like family to me. I apologize for any inconvenience caused on my part. I would definitely regret being dismissed from my job. However, I have learned from my mistakes. It would help me wherever I work in the future.

I am grateful for providing me with the opportunity to work for you. I wish I could have served you for a longer period of time.

I wish the best for XYZ.


Job termination appeal validated response letter

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your positive response to my termination appeal. Thank you for reviewing your decision. I am delighted to be back as the (post) in the XYZ department.

I am relieved to know that all the misunderstandings that led to my earlier dismissal have now been alleviated. I shall exert more caution in dealing with my co-workers as well as clients in the future. I assure you that the management will not have any complaints regarding my behavior at work.

Once again, thank you for your consideration. I shall avail this opportunity to serve the company with enhanced passion and loyalty.


Professional Response Letter to Termination of Contract

We are writing to express our dismay at your request for the termination of our contract. We are deeply regretful for not coming up to your expectations.

We really looked forward to a long-term business relationship with you. However, the termination of our contract before the completion of the project has left our team feeling disheartened. If you had communicated your concerns to us, we would have been able to adjust our performance according to your requirements. We wish you would have given us a chance to continue and fulfill your demands.

However, we respect your decision and accept the termination of the contract. Still, in case you change your mind, please do contact us so that we can resume our services for you.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

Response Letter to Termination of Contract

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