Legal Service Quotation Request Letter

Re. Request for Quotation (RFO) for Legal Services w.r.t. Email Copy Attached

I hope this letter finds you in great health. This letter serves as an RFO and an immediate answer is awaited.

As we discussed on [DATE] in email [MENTION EMAIL ADDRESS TO CLARIFY], our company requires a full-time legal services provider. We are glad to know that your law firm is one of the best-known firms in legal practices and attorney matters.

Your organization is famous for its integrity, professionalism, and high accuracy. Three fundamentals of running a business inculcate your agency. We are glad to initiate our step toward working with you.

Our company [NAME THE COMPANY] works in goods transportation across the country. We transport all types of goods from one city/state to another city/state. Our company is a well-established service provider and working in transportation since 2011. Its head office is in [NAME THE CITY] whereas we have offices in almost all the cities that function our business and operate it from all the cities. We have a network of trollers and long vehicles that are running across the country to transport goods.

Our company is growing every day and it has almost become impossible for us to run the business without constant legal consultancy.

We need a professional team of lawyers and attorneys who can prepare, send, and receive legal documents related to our business, provide long-term legal consultancy, and appear before the court of law to defend if anything goes wrong.

We request you draft a quotation/bid for the services you can provide. Please submit your quotation before [DATE] to avoid any inconvenience. Our team can meet you if any more information or discussion is needed.

Please contact our Business Team Manager [BTM], Mr. [NAME], if you have any queries. You can also dial our office number during office hours to get more information. Our email address is [EMAIL ADDRESS], feel free to write to us. Thank you.

Legal Service Quotation Request Letter

Sample -II

Re. RFO w.r.t. Project Proposal Attached

Dear [NAME],

[NAME THE COMPANY] request for quotation submitted to the head office at the given address no later than [DATE]. A summary of the proposal of the project has been attached. You are required to go through the summary of the project before signing the quotation.

We are expanding our services and initiating our business in the forte of real estate. Our business will have a separate and autonomous wing for the affairs related to real estate. However, it will work as a side project of the company work under the parent project of construction.

We have put all the important details in the project summary attached. Please analyze it from all possible legal aspects. We require a team of lawyers for this new project.

We need an expert team who can work zealously and has a specialization in Land and Ownership laws. The quotation submission does not ensure the project initiation and binding of the work.

We will sign the contract after the submission of the quotation. It should meet or exceed the project proposal specifications. If you have any other ideas that can work in the best interest of both organizations, please feel free to discuss them.

Our team can meet you virtually if needed. You can ask for any more details by calling our Human Resource Department or emailing our Team Leader, Mrs./Mr. [NAME] at [EMAIL ADDRESS].

We expect a pleasant and professional relationship with your organization. Please make sure the submission of the quotation letter by [DATE]. Late submission of the quotation will only be considered if no other prior submission is signed.

Legal Service Quotation Request Letter

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