Acknowledgment Letter for Lending Money

Re. Acknowledgment for Lending Money and to the Credited Loan Dated [DATE]

Dear Mr. [NAME], I am writing this letter to acknowledge the lending of $[X] as a loan. The mentioned loan was agreed between me [NAME] and [MENTION THE BORROWER]. I applied for the loan with reference to the Loan Scheme by the State Law Enforcement and Self-Employment Program. This program enables lending money from the state office of accounts and financial management. I have entitled to the loan and qualified for my eligibility for the loan after meeting with the Investigation officer and Controller for the Loan Scheme.

I am very thankful to you for making the process very smooth and easy for me. Lending money from government offices and schemes is never an easy task. It is considered overtly arduous to wait for hours for a single piece of information and the implication of the loan. However, it was different this time as it was much easier and more accessible than private organizations that provide loans. So, I pay gratitude to you, particularly, for answering all my queries and making the lending of the money possible for me.

I have received the amount of loan i.e., $[X] that was credited to my account on [DATE] and [TIME]. I have attached the print of the email from the bank about the credited amount. I shall repay the amount according to the plan I checked in. I assure you of my commitment to my sheer responsibility and my competence in repaying the amount every month (according to the installment plan).

Should you not hesitate in contacting me for anything required related to the loan. You can write to me at [EMAIL] or send an SMS at [PHONE].

Thank you for doing this.

Best Regards



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Re. Acknowledgment of Lending Money as Advance Salary as Mentioned

Dear Sir,

I am [NAME OF THE LENDER], the [POSITION], from the [DEPARTMENT]. I lent an amount of $[X] from the Treasury Office of the organization. The organization tendered a policy of providing loans to support their employees financially at reasonable interest rates. The organization did so after the surveyed analysis of employees’ suggestions on the cult of financial crunch owing to the rising inflation and covid-19 shutdowns.

I hereby, acknowledge receiving an amount of $[X] as a loan. I have received the loan on the following terms of conditions:

I applied for an amount of [$X] as a loan from the treasury. I and the authorities of [ORGANIZATION] agreed to the loan (as advance) of [$X]. The loan shall be deducted from my salary every month based on the negotiated interest and monthly amount. An amount of [$X] shall be deducted from my salary each month.

In case of any problem with the repayment, i.e., in case of resignation, termination, or unpaid leave, preference shall be made to pay through a cheque of the same amount every month. Moreover, I shall submit a letter of recommendation in any such case as referred.

I assure you of smooth repayment along with the termed interest rate. Thank you for your consideration.

Please find attached the required documents to substantiate the acknowledgment. Thank you.

Contact Details:

Phone: [NUMBER]



Acknowledgment Letter for Lending Money

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