Apology Letter to Boss to Reinstate the Job

Re. Apology Letter for the Restoration of My Position as a [NAME THE POSITION] in the Company

Dear Sir, with reference to the above-mentioned subject, I request you to consider my letter as an apology note. As I have been terminated from the work on account of my depiction of professional incompetence at work. Due to my negligence and carefree attitude at work, the company was blown with a huge loss of fame and overall credibility. I understand the grievance company has to bear due to my carelessness.

On [DATE], I received a letter of immediate termination on account of what happened on [DATE]. Referring back to the day, my negligence and little mismanagement cost the company loss of an important client. The action not only caused a loss of clientage but also defamation of the company’s morale and professionalism.

My little mismanagement with the handling of emails and negligence with the deadline of submission of the proposal caused inconvenience for the client who, as a result, refuted the contract by discarding the project.

I am extremely ashamed of my negligent act. Keeping all these things in perspective, I request you provide me with another chance to prove my capabilities at work. I always have displayed sheer honesty and competence at work with reference to the performance appraisals and supervisory proforma. To keep in view my preceding record at work, I request you provide me an opportunity to correct my mistakes.

I believe, there is a probability that we can ask the client for another chance as well. Please reinstate my position at work. I shall be excessively grateful if you be this kind.

Please respond to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!




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Re. Apology Letter to Reinstate the Job at [NAME THE COMPANY]

Dear Mr. [NAME],

I am [NAME] from the [AREA, CITY]. I have worked at your company for seven years as a [MENTION YOUR WORKING POSITION]. I had always been a highly professional employee with incredible expertise in project management. I am extremely distressed and overwhelmingly occupied with the idea of what happened recently. Recently, I was fired from my position and terminated immediately.

I have been thinking about the sequence of events and reasons that led to my termination. I understand it is necessary to tell you what circumstance created this inconvenience. Sir, as I work as a project manager, I always kept the extra mile at work keeping my eyes on research projects and deadlines of associate projects.

The company has a position for a senior research associate and subordinates. There is a whole department of research and planning who are responsible for keeping records and assessments of upcoming bids, projects, and opportunities within and outside the USA.

I was terminated because I missed a great opportunity for the company to work with [NAME THE CLIENT]. I am not putting the blame on anyone else but pondering the commitment and work responsibility of another department that is obligated to do this work. Thus, I believe, I am partially responsible for this in the capacity of a project manager.

As I accept my fault, I request you to reinstate my position in the company and provide me a chance to continue working and rehabilitate the blow of loss. I guarantee my complete focus and presence at work in the future. Please respond to my request backed by my deepest apology.

Looking forward to your response.




Apology Letter to Boss to Reinstate the Job

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