Letter of Intent to Run for HOA Board

Re. Letter of Intent to Work as Member of HOA Board

To whom it may concern, I am [NAME] from the [SPECIFY YOUR RESIDENT]. I have been living here since 20XX. I run my business consultancy online. I provide online consultancy and power businesses through coaching and by providing them with clientage and basic building blocks. Moreover, I work as a coaching head at the [NAME THE ORGANIZATION] where I train people on running their businesses and startups effectively and grow efficiently. I put my energies into making people’s businesses grow and compete in the market in value terms.

With the growth in the market and changing dynamics, I believe I can be of a lot of benefit to the Homeowner Association (HOA). As I already have worked in a consultancy firm as a financial advisor, I deem myself an appropriate candidate for the position of assistant treasurer at the HOA board. I want to be a part of this board and contribute to the services the board has been impacting for the betterment. I remained a camper of the board in 20XX and later on, I had to leave to shift to the other state for the sake of my work.

Please consider my letter of intent to be part of the HOA board and help it in running effectively. Thank you for viewing my letter. My intentions to be part of the HOA board are solely based on my voluntary desire to work for the campers and association.

Contact me for your response at [PHONE] or write to me at [EMAIL]. I am looking forward to your response.




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Re. Expressing Intent to Run HOA Board: Candidates for the Position of Assistant Director of the Board

Dear Mr. [NAME],

After having received your mailing address from [MENTION THE PLACE FROM WHERE YOU GOT THE ADDRESS] and information about the vacancy for the position of Assistant Director in the Homeowner Association (HOA) from the Instagram page of your account, I wish to express my intention of working as a team member in the HOA board.

I graduated from [NAME THE UNIVERSITY] in [SPECIFY YOUR SUBJECT] in 20XX. After graduating with a CGPA [MENTIONT YOUR GRADE/CGPA], I started working as an intern at [NAME THE ORGANIZATION]. Later, I started working full-time as a [MENTION THE POSITION] in [NAME OF THE COMPANY]. After working for two years, I switched from the corporate sector to the consultancy and planning, and development sector.

Currently, I am working as a research associate at [NAME THE COMPANY]. We usually work on an educational project that includes education for all including differently abled children from a humble class. Recently, the company started some new projects that need economic policy and data analysis.

Running through your ad for voluntary applications, I am writing to show my desire to work as an Assistant Director on the HOA Board. The board is already working great and fairly, I assure you that I will continue with the same hard work and keep my aims high. Please let me know if my profile synchronizes with the required criteria.

I can manage my time for the voluntary work at the board as I work for the consultancy from home, therefore, there is a margin of flexibility. Please let me know what you think of my profile. If my eligibility for the position is appropriate, I will do the needful, i.e., apply and submit of required documents.

My contact details are given:

For calls: [PHONE]


Thank you for reviewing my letter.




Letter of Intent to Run for HOA Board

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