Acknowledgment of the Resignation without Giving Benefits

Letter -1

Re: Acceding to the Resignation and Approval to Immediate Relief 

Dear Lozas,

I am Steward Peter Hill from Nexum Pharma Groups. With reference to the resignation letter, you submitted on 05-01-20XX, I am likely to accept and acknowledge your resignation on immediate terms.

The reason behind your resignation indicated by you directs that you are having a few other better job opportunities which is itself a piece of great news for all of us. On these terms, I am regretful to say that the company cannot endure the resignation/termination policy benefits on immediate approvals. It means to say that the company is not liable to pay any sort of compensation or resignation policy benefits now because of your request for immediate and abrupt relief. Due to such concurrency which is paradoxical, it has been decided after a deep reflection on the matter. It is also done this way because we cannot set such regulations and examples for other employees. I am sorry for not being able to help you in this regard.

Your resignation has been acceded and duly signed by three boards of directors and the HR manager has been directed to provide you the working experience certificate in the shortest term possible. You can email the company’s official account for any query at [email].

It was a pleasant experience working with you. We wish you the best of luck in your career. Thank you


S. P. Hill
The Manager
Nexum Pharma Groups
Edward V Avenue, California, USA

Acknowledgment of the Resignation without Giving Benefits

Letter -2

Re: Acknowledgment and Approval of Immediate Relief Following Resignation Submission Bearing No Benefits

Dear Simon,

The letter is intended to write as an acknowledgment of the resignation letter that was submitted by you on 04-01-20XX.

Reflecting on the reason described in the letter, it has been decided to relieve you immediately as mentioned in your resignation letter. As mentioned in the clause-v of the Company’s Employees’ Resignation/Termination Policy Act, the employee has to inform the company if he/she is willing to quit the job, he/she is liable to inform the authorities at least one month before the relieving date. The resignation which is followed by the indicated procedure is benefited with a few mentioned or settled advantages from the company. These benefits include one month’s salary, using the company’s credit card, a sum of $300 for three months in the form of a pension.

The case being discussed in this letter bears a significant deviation from the Policy Act. Your resignation requesting the relief immediately breaches the rules mentioned in the Policy Act 20XX. Therefore, it is to inform you that your resignation bears no benefits from the company, and thus the company is not liable to any legal proceedings on the outlet of Employees’ Termination/Resignation Policy Act 20XX of the company.

According to the state and federal laws of the corporate agencies also, it is clear that your standpoint does not bear any benefits. Therefore, you have been relieved from the designation of Assistant Finance Manager effective from 09-01-20XX bearing no benefits from the Resignation/Termination Policy Act 20XX.

You have been a hardworking and competent employee of the company and your services render a positive and phenomenal impact on the outset of the finance projects and budget streamline. We thank you for your coordination and services you produced during your tenure wishing you the best of luck for the coming platforms and career opportunities. Thank you.


Phillip Eight
The General Manager
EMMESS Group of Marketing Agencies
23/A19 Stephen CalEX, California, USA

Acknowledgment of the Resignation without Giving Benefits

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