Annual Report Cover Letter

Re. Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 20XX

Dear [NAME], I am [NAME], the [DESIGNATION] from the [NAME THE COMPANY]. I have been working on the compilation and final formats of the annual report for the fiscal year 20XX. I have conducted an in-depth analysis of the annual performance of the company. With the assistance of honorable [NAME-I], [NAME-II], and [NAME-III], this report has been finalized. A copy of the report has been sent to all the shareholders and stakeholders of the company who are actually or potentially annexed to the company’s internal affairs.

According to the annual report 20XX, there has been seen a surge in the annual sale of the company despite lockdown restrictions and sudden changes in the policies on the court orders for the electronics companies. It has been mentioned that the company’s sales incremented [X%] as compared to the previous three years. The company’s deal remained [X] during the fiscal year 20XX, whereas it increased to X] in the fiscal year 20XX. Please refer to annexure-II for the graphical view of the sale.

Moreover, manpower of the company was lowered as compared to the previous year as the department of technical alliances was given off to the [ANOTHER COMPANY]. The technical alliance closure made the manpower to be lowered by X% which did not bring any considerable impact on the company.

The company’s performance appraisals showed that X% improvement was shown by the other departments. The addition of ten new employees was done to the company who proved themselves to be highly competent and adroit in their relevant fields. [Refer annexure-IV].

The company’s balance sheets, cash improvisations, and cash sheets have been profoundly determined and analyzed to draw the annual report. Please refer to the compiled annual report book annexed for a complete and detailed look into the year 20XX.

Please do not hesitate to ask for any assistance. We are at your disposal to guide you through the annual report. Submit your queries to the [EMAIL ADDRESS]. We thank you for considering [NAME THE COMPANY].


Annual report cover letter


Re. Annual Report Covering for the Year-20XX

Dear [NAME],

The letter has been written to highlight the main issues, events, happenings, surges, and declines in the company. For this purpose, the annual report for the year 20XX has been compiled and framed for a clear understanding.

The report has been attached to the letter, please find it in the annexure-I-XIV. The report has been kept precise and to the point. Most of the points have been indicated through graph lines, pictures, and balance sheets. Please do a thorough study of the report for a better understanding.

Overall, the year 20XX has been seen as a challenging year with a lot of hurdles and halts in the accomplishment of projects and conceiving bids and proposals due to shortfall of the economic decline, global inflation, deviation in market trends, and operational challenges due to coronavirus restrictions.

We aspire to do a lot more in the future for the coming year. The company has marked and put high and achievable goals for the future. We are committed to the delivery of quality than quantity and uplifting working standards. If you find anything erroneous or ambiguous in the report, please send our [POSITION] an email at [EMAIL ADDRESS]. We are happy to have your dedicated contributions to the company’s successes. Thank you.


Annual report cover letter

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