Report Letter for Not Preparing Worksheet

Re. Report on Worksheet

Dear Sir, this letter has been written to report on the preparation of the worksheets for the entrance of the data on purchase and sale of the electronic materials that have been imported by the international cells of the companies. The data entry operators of the company have been given the task of preparing worksheets on excel covering the whole subject of the project. Currently, seven data entry operators have been working in the company and five of them have been working on this project.

The project of importing electronics from the international company cells has been of immense importance as it has wide recognition and demand in the present-day market. The consumers of imported electronics have been increasing every day from different company cells as it gives them diverse experiences from the viewpoint of foreign manufacturers.

The worksheets on the project are not completed till today as the task is of ultimate importance and is undoubtedly hectic and time-taking. Five data entry operators are not enough to cater to this big task. Therefore, it is suggested to hire contract-based data entry operators so that the increasing stress and burden of different projects at the same time can be shared and reduced. Currently, 190 worksheets have been in the record, whereas the work seems to be slow and underestimation in terms of the available workforce for the specific task.

So far, these details have been shared. Please ask for more information if needed. Please respond to me on the reported worksheets task on [EMAIL] or call me at [PHONE]. Your kind remarks and suggestions on the subject shall be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Report Letter for Not Preparing Worksheet


Re. Report Letter on the Preparation of Worksheets

Dear [NAME],

I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from the company. The company is currently working on the Plastic Management and Recycling of Waste Management (PMRM) with [NAME THE OTHER COMPANY]. Both companies have been working on the project which has sheer importance in its impact that is a social, economic, and environmental challenge.

The company took this project on [DATE] and has been working on the collection, framing, organization, and management of the data. The project has initiated its phase-I which is data collection and its compilation and reorganization. The letter has been written to inform and report on the current stage of the work and development of the worksheets.

The initial stage was rigorous and expanded research which was completed on [DATE]. The researched and collected data has been in the process of compilation and organization through worksheets with the help of data entry operations and many software.

The data was found incomplete, and a new frame of research has been required. The realization of the data accuracy and completeness was in the stage-ii. Therefore, the worksheets task has been stopped and delayed for a while till the verification of the available data and correction of errors found.

We expect it to resume from [DATE]. In case of further details, please respond to me with your kind remarks. Moreover, the team members want to arrange a meeting with all the executive members working on the current project. Please let us know at your earliest convenience so that a meeting can be arranged, and all the queries can be filled. Thank you.


Report Letter for Not Preparing Worksheet

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