Complaint Letter Regarding Shortage of Staff


Re. Complaining the Understaffed Manpower for Janitorial Services

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to complain about the long-standing issue in the company that is unresolved since [MONTH]. The janitorial industry of our company that provides and outsource cleaning services to the commercial markets and for personal assistance, is facing a shortfall in the availability of the employees who are expert in the janitorial service that includes all kinds of cleaning.

With reference to this complaint, I am writing to inform you of the potential loss that can be borne by the company because of less manpower available. There is a need for an urgent solution to this problem as we have several pending bids, contracts, and good projects that can prove themselves to be beneficial. Moreover, less manpower can cause a bad reputation in terms of professional services and competent employees.

Following solutions have been consulted by the general consultation team of the company from the administration:

  1. Use of social media platforms to hire more employees
  2. Hiring on a contractual basis
  3. Making the work managed in different shifts and incrementing the wages
  4. Cancel the leaves that are for more than one month.

These solutions have been proposed and put together for the effective management of the problem. Please look into this matter and respond with kind remarks. For more, a meeting can be arranged with all the executives, or a single curriculum can be followed chosen by you. Please find the regular staff sheet attached. Thank you.


Complaint letter regarding shortage of staff


Re. Complaining the Shortage of Staff in the Company and Its Impacts on the Current Projects

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring your kind attention to the matter of shortage of the staff in the company. The company has fallen short of regular employees whereas the contract of several employees has come to end and there has been no hiring for the temporary or permanent staff. In other words, the company is understaffed, and therefore, it is foreseen that the company is below the required manpower for industrial cosmetics. It can cause a shortfall of production, packaging, technical requisites, and ultimately of sale as well.

At the beginning of the company fiscal year 2021-22, 109 employees were working in different departments including the staff under ST-3. At the end of [MONTH], there have been only 98 employees working regularly. 5 of them have been on study leave and 2 of them have been on sick leave for one week.

We are currently working on the projects L-IOLAC, JENDERZ.COM, SILVY GROUPS, and OPLUS-009. All these projects are either in the final phase and have been just in the middle where they need utmost attention and sheer hard work.

To resolve this, the following solutions can be considered:

  • Revamping of Hiring Process
  • Boosting job posts on all the social media accounts
  • Training the available workforce
  • Offering more hours and paying for extra time

These solutions are practical and can be considered for an immediate solution. It is important as many of the current projects are being immensely impacted by the shortage of employees in many aspects, therefore, the quality of work is expected to be compromised. Please look into this solution and respond at your earliest. Thank you.

Best Regards.

Complaint letter regarding shortage of staff

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