Apology Letter to Boss after Leaving the Company

Re. Apology Letter for [XYZ]

Dear Sir, I am writing to you to explain the situation and apologize for the inconvenience caused by the act. According to the held circumstances, it was unavoidable not to resign from the work. I am writing to explain my standpoint and tell you the state of actions that led to this unpleasant happening.

I joined the organization as a [mention the position] in 202X. I was recruited as a [mention the position] based on a contract term of one year. Later on, on the basis of my performance, competence at work, and quick learning, I was promoted to rank 7-A and was made a permanent employee on [DATE]. After getting a permanent position in the company, I worked at my best and proved it to be the best decision by the board.

According to the performance appraisal of [MONTH-MONTH], I was named of the three quickest learners in the office. Moreover, I was promoted to the rank of Senior Research Officer on [DATE]. Till yesterday, I worked as a [MENTION YOUR CURRENT STATUS].

On [DATE], the proposal for the project no. [#] was to be submitted and I forgot the date of the proposal submission. I was held responsible for the errors in research and referencing of important points. I redid the research and referencing and cleared all the errors. Despite spending the whole weekend at work, I was reprimanded and reproached by the supervisor of [MENTION THE DEPARTMENT]. He kept on using unprofessional words and relegated me from my position. It not only affected my mental peace but my interest in work and potential. I felt hurt and disregarded, therefore, I decided to leave the job.

I submitted my resignation without consulting with you. Being chief executive, I should have taken this matter to you, but I was hurt enough to not take another minute to decide. Therefore, I apologize for leaving work without any prior notice. I loved working in the [name of the organization] and learned a lot.

I never had thought of leaving the place in such a situation, but I was compelled to do so. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my immediate resignation from work.

I am grateful to you for the opportunity provided to work here.

Thank you!





Re. Apology for Leaving Office without Further Consideration

Dear Mr. [NAME],

I am [name], writing to you to apologize for leaving without informing the concerned authorities. I resigned because of the row between employees, including me, over an official state of matter.

I was accused of leaking a private email from the office. I always retained the privacy of the organization and never even thought to betray the trust that the company puts in me. I always remained staunch and loyal to the company authorities in each case. The accusation of leaking sensitive information could not be proved and substantiated with ample evidence. It proved to be mere allegations and could not be manifested with evidence.

I deem the accusations as a huge blow to my self-respect, competence as an employee, and regard. Therefore, I contemplated that resignation can be the only choice to make at this tough time. I apologize for resigning without notice. I am afraid that I cannot do anything to lessen the inconvenience caused by my instant resignation. I shall be thankful if you send me a release letter and experience certificate.

You can contact me at [EMAIL]. Thank you.

Best Regards,



Apology Letter to Boss after Leaving the Company

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