Explanation Letter for being Late Due to Flat Tire

I am sorry for arriving 20 minutes late and putting everyone in trouble at the office. Soon after my arrival, I came to know that we were about to lose an important client due to my tardiness. I know that was an important event of the annual sales meeting and you have directed all of us to reach the office 30 minutes before time. I want to explain that I became late due to circumstances beyond my control.

On [date], I left home one hour before the meeting to ensure my timely arrival at the office. I was on my way when I noticed a lot of nails and shattered pieces of glass on road. Those sharp objects might have been spread after protests by the opposition party. I tried my level best to avoid these uneven and sharp objects but failed to do so.

I had hardly covered two or three miles on that road when I felt that air had started leaking from my vehicle’s tire. I was in hurry for a meeting so I continued driving without taking further notice of it. Within the next five minutes, the tire became flat due to continuous leakage of air.

I changed the damaged tire immediately because I had an extra one in my car at that time. It took me quite a long time. I really got embarrassed on reaching the office because the meeting had started and everyone was waiting for my presentation which was an important part of that event.

Sir, I want to let you know that my name has never been included in the list of latecomers. It was not anticipated whatever happened on that day. I still held myself responsible for my late arrival at the office on an important event. I needed to be well aware of potential issues that might arise after a full fledge protest. I believe if I had opted for the alternative way, I would have reached it well before time.

I personally feel that timeliness is an important part of any business and we should present our full professionalism before our clients. If we get late on most important occasions, it would have drastic and negative effects on our business.

Thinking it was my first and last mistake, please forgive me. Rest assured, I will never get late for any important meeting and I will never let my team down again in the future. Please let me know anything I can do in order to rebuild my trust.

Yours sincerely.

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Subject: Explanation for being late due to a flat tire on [DATE]

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to explain to you the cause of my late arrival at the annual sales conference. I can understand the importance of the event because representatives from all the renowned companies were present for business deals and building new business relations.

Being the sole representative of my company, I was fully aware of my responsibility. I left my home for the office one and a half hours before the meeting and started driving at normal speed because sufficient time was left. I had to continue my journey through the alternative road due to the ongoing protest of the opposition party.

Unfortunately, that road was looking filthy due to piles of garbage and debris spreading over its surface making it look bad. In addition, hundreds of Potholes were making the road uneven. It played havoc with my wheel. The situation became worsened when I realized that the air from my vehicle’s tire has started leaking due to continuous wearing and tearing.

Consequently, air pressure was remarkably reduced and the tire became flat within a couple of minutes. I was helpless on the road because I had no extra tire in my car at the time.

More than 30 minutes were wasted looking for a mechanic and changing my vehicle’s tire. When I reached the venue, it was realized to me that the meeting has been started 45 minutes ago. I was greatly embarrassed at that time because our potential clients had signed their business deals with other companies in my absence. It was a great loss that occurred due to my tardiness.

Sir, I have never missed any important meeting in past. The unfortunate incident of my late arrival at the meeting occurred solely due to the flattening of my vehicle’s tire. However, I am admitting my fault and sending you my sincerest apology through this letter.

Please accept my apology and admit my excuse. I promise that such unprofessionalism will never be shown to me again in the future.

Explanation Letter for being Late due to a Flat Tire

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