Apology Letter to Judge for DUI

Re. Apology for DUI w.r.t Case Number [CASE NUMBER]

Respected Your Honor, I am [NAME] from the [AREA, STATE, COUNTRY]. Sir, on [DATE], I was stopped by the traffic police cops who screened me out immediately and found out that I was driving under influence. I was taken into police custody and asked for my statement. I confessed in my statement that I have been taking drugs since my junior year of high school. Sir, I am extremely guilty and embarrassed about my actions in the past.

I was taken to the psychological therapy of the police department where I got to know some extremely disturbing facts about driving under influence (DUI). Sir, I accept and confess my offense and plea for forgiveness by discarding the fine of about [$X]. Sir, I am a single child of a single-parent mother and I realize how much trouble I have caused her. I have added a lot to her domestic and living problems. She has been an amazing mother and I want to be an amazing son.

Sir, I have cooperated with the police about the supply of drugs and the supply chain figures in my most recent statement. Owing to my cooperation, I ask for forgiveness for my claim. I have attached an affidavit promising the court of law that I shall never drive under influence. I understand how it can be proved to be tremendously drastic for my and others’ lives.

I shall be extremely grateful. Thank you.




Re. Driving Under Influence Apology

Reverend Magistrate:

I am [NAME]. I have been charged with the [SPECIFY THE SECTION W.R.T OFFENCE & JURISDICTION]. On [DATE], I was driving under influence by contaminating myself with alcohol. I was tested in the police station of [NAME THE POLICE STATION] by the health care and IVS department. They tested my range of alcohol by screening system. They found out that the BAC level was 1.08% which is much higher than the normal range. I confess my offense and the potential harm it brought.

Sir, I am very much ashamed of my act. I am [AGE] and work as an [POSITION] in the [WORKPLACE]. I was arrested at the midnight and kept under police custody for ten hours. I understand the gravity of the possible consequences of my act. I am sorry for driving under influence. I have met the counsel of psychological therapy and I have promised to never DUI again.

Please pardon my offense and refute the penalties owing to my solemn confession and regret. I shall be grateful. I have attached all the required documents with the letter. Moreover, I have sent a copy of the apology letter seeking forgiveness to the senior traffic inspector of [SPECIFY THE AREA].

I shall be greatly thankful to you, your honor!

Attachment: Please find copies of my driving license, national ID card, ticket, complaint letter from the Traffic Police, and Letter of Reference by the therapist of IVC Police attached.




Apology letter to judge for DUI

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