Appreciation Letter to Bank Manager for Good Services

Re. Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Nelson, I am Camella Colorado from Jade Street of Nicolson Town Residencia. I have been new here in the town and I was struggling with a lot of things. I was shifting but at the same time, I had to manage my work from home as I could not get a leave from the work because of the shortage of manpower required. I was shifting all my luggage from the other town in episodes during this. At the same, I needed an immediate loan to fulfill the required lease, advance, and shifting costs.

During this time, I had only one option from where I could get an immediate loan. Therefore, I applied for an urgent loan at your branch on [DATE]. I have been immensely impressed by the customer service, management, and counseling services your bank provided.

All the staff was very nice and they, totally, understood the matter and arranged documentation for the purpose. I really appreciate their courtesy, customer service, professionalism, and comprehensive processes of documentation within two days.

I could not believe that I received the amount of the loan from the bank within two days. Moreover, the interest rate they put on my loan is also very low and stipulated with appropriate and conducive conditions of return and interest policy. I hope this letter of appreciation will enhance and improve the quality of your services. I shall recommend your services to others as well. Thank you for being so kind.



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Re. Appreciation for Highly Professional Banking Services

Dear Manager,

I hope you find my letter in the best of your health. I could not keep myself from writing this to you. I am writing this letter on the behalf of my whole team who are now part of our firm.

Recently, I inaugurated an organization, and it was a start-up. As you must know how much start-ups take. It has been one of the most hectic and tough periods of my life. Structuring the organization, and recruitment processes, making everything official, legal, and official recommendation letters, and acknowledgment letters. Moreover, it was very tough for me, personally, to recruit the right team and arrange enough for them.

A bank is a big part of a start-up. Loans, payments, salaries, urgent transactions, and employees’ accounts, all are part of the coordination with the bank. I am very happy that I selected your banking services. All of my employees are very satisfied and happy with the conduct of your bank staff. Therefore, I am obliged to write a letter of appreciation for your bank services.

We will keep using the services provided by your bank. I have attached the list of titles and accounts with the bank. Please keep the list for the priority design of clients. Moreover, provide this list to the Human Resources of your bank. I am looking forward to keeping using your services for the company’s internal and external transactions. Thanks again.



Appreciation Letter to Bank Manager for Good Services

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