Request Letter for Transfer to another Branch

Dear Boss, this is your loyal employee Mark Zuckerburg from the HR department writing to discuss a grave concern which has begun to impact adversely on my work. I have been working in this department for about 3-years now and during this long period, there has never been a day I did not dedicate my enthusiasm and energy to the work I am assigned.

Under my supervision and leadership, my team has executed many successful projects and lured many new clients turning them into our permanent partners. My colleagues and team members speak highly of my work morale. Moreover, the awards I have won over these years are evidence of my professionalism.

Nevertheless, I wanted to expand my skills and acquire new ones with a higher demand within this company. Therefore, I enrolled in a continued education program at the University of London. My classes are for three days a week for which I have to travel to London.

At first, what started as an adventure is now turning into a serious business that demands dedication. It has become almost impossible for me to keep both my job and education, at a regular pace. Completing this program is quite inevitable for me as I need this to get promoted to a higher designation in this company and it will only result in the growth of our business.

Therefore, I would like to request a transfer to our London branch so I could continue with my education and work.


Mark Zuckerburg


Dear Boss,

I, Joe Peterson, am writing this letter to request a transfer to the Houston branch (mention the branch name here) on account of a new opening there. I have been serving this branch for about 7-years now and I take immense pride in proclaiming that owing to my diligence and expertise, the company has benefited a lot. Because of my exceptional human resource management abilities, our business has grown by leaps and bounds, and we have made a number of new long-term contracts with our clients.

My work morals are parallel to the company’s manifesto and therefore, I have only increased the quality of the overall domestic work environment of the company. Due to my dedication and loyalty, I was given many awards during these years.

Nevertheless, I believe it is time for me to get promoted and utilize my abilities for the best interests of the company. I recently came across the new job opening at our Houston branch and I was quite intrigued by the new challenges and roles the equivalent vacancy demands over there. I believe I can grow a lot as an HR specialist and help promote the business in this new position.

Henceforth, I would like to request you transfer me to the Houston branch so I could be a more profitable asset to the organization. 

Should you have any queries to ask, please feel free to contact me at 000-000-000 anytime. I shall be waiting for a response from you.


Joe Peterson

Request Letter for Transfer to another Branch

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