HoA Board Introduction Letter


Dear [name], I am delighted to welcome you as a member of the [name] Homeowners Association, [Area], [City]. We are always pleased to have responsible and dedicated volunteers as our members of the community. We respect and value you on the board.

[name] HOA is a self-governing body and kind of organization that takes all the interests of the community. HOA works every day to maintain and facilitate a good lifestyle for all the members of the community. All the amnesties are covered in the fees collected from the members of the HOA. HOA facilitates working for the members of the society where their work is being done without even lifting a finger. They pay for HOA and the work to be done collectively every month.

Our HOA board is a documented and registered board. We have written a code of conduct for the board including the structure of the board, bylaws and rules and regulations, annual budget, the annual fee collected, the annual process of analyzing and reporting, and other processes.

We operate our board and its budget on three-six months of fee collection. This budget helps in maintaining the daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly chores like cleaning, plantation, decluttering, garbage collection, sewage clearance, and others.

We determine the fees of this house owner association from the members who pay $[x] every month to maintain and nurture the association. The association is a non-profit organization; therefore, we use all the budget for the construction and other important tasks of the community. We look after the overall expense of the community including services like trash removal, insurance, landscaping, maintenance services, and lawn growth mainly.

We look at the pending and running assignments and operations. We work overseeing the residency issues of all the residents including community members. We also ensure that the residents adhere to the community laws and other regulations generated by the HOA board; like making noise, unauthorized parking, wrong placement of trash, and unauthorized architectural additions.

I am grateful to you for reviewing this introductory letter to you. Please respond to me if you have any questions. We welcome you on board. I have attached a profile of the HOA that will indicate to you how our board is structured, and responsibilities are divided.

Please contact our board’s telephone operator at [phone number] if required.


[designation in the HOA board]

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Re. Introduction to the HOA Board

Dear resident,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been verified as a member of the [name] Homeowner’s Association, [area], [city]. We were delightedly informed that you are a fresh resident in the town. To make you understand the Houseowner Association of the community, I am writing this to introduce you to a bit of the association.

The association consists of four executive members: a director, a manager, a secretary, and a treasurer. We have more than twenty-five members on the board who sponsor funds and fees for community service. All the members pay $[x] for the maintenance and other service provided by the HOA.

The [name] NOA is a non-profit organization, and its members are volunteers. They work for free for community service. The community service includes assurance of law in the community, security services, trash removal, landscaping services, services of general maintenance, and architectural maintenance.

However, the budget of the association is not very high, we always strive for the best. We are thankful to our members for raising funds and paying fees for the well-being of the community.

We always try to provide quality services. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. You can contact us at [phone] in case of urgent issues or write to us for an appointment for maintenance at [email]. To lodge any complaint regarding non-compliance with community laws in the surrounding, please call [phone number].

Thank you.


[designation in the association]
[name of the HOA]
[signature & date]

HOA board introduction letter

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