Book Publishing Contract

People who write books need such individuals or corporations who can play their role in the printing, publishing, promotion, and distribution of the book. There is a long-term relationship between the author and the publisher because a book often takes a long time to complete.

What is a book publishing agreement?

It is a contract between the person who writes the book (author) and the company that takes responsibility for publishing that book. It is usually signed when the author has started to write the book and wants it to be published in small chunks. So, this relationship lasts until a complete book is written and then published successfully.

There can be different types of written work, such as novels, research papers, manuscripts, etc., depending on the type of work, the agreement, and the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement. These conditions are such that people who are involved in this legally binding relationship feel protected because they outline everything about the binding relationship between two parties, including how they will benefit each other and how payment will be made.

Key parts of the book publishing agreement?

There are a few details that you can never miss when you are creating a legally binding agreement between two parties. These details are:

Grant of rights

A publisher needs rights to publish and distribute the written content of a person. Therefore, the author needs to grant permission to the publisher so that he can do the work that is assigned to him. Otherwise, it is illegal to print and publish the content of someone’s work without their consent. This agreement clearly outlines that the person who wants his content to be published is permitting the said publisher to do it.

Delivery of the content

The contract also states when and how the author of the content will send the content that he wants to publish. This usually outlines the timeline for the delivery of the manuscript. If you want the script to be published in multiple installments, mention the time gap between the two installments.

Payment details

This section describes how much an author will receive if the publisher publishes the manuscript and then successfully sells the content to the public. The total amount to be paid to the author, the procedure of the payment, the percentage of the sale price of the book that will be paid to the author, and much more

Editing and revision of the book

A book generally requires editing and revision so that it becomes a perfect piece of writing when it is presented to the public. A publisher has a team of proofreaders who access the content, read it thoroughly, and then edit it after careful revisions.

However, since it belongs to the author, the publisher, and the author should be on one page regarding the editing of the content. This agreement states that the author allows the publishing company to edit the content to make it more refined and meet the needs of the publishing company as well.


The publishing company also uses this agreement to bring the author on the same page regarding the marketing and promotion of the written content, as many writers don’t want anything to be disclosed to the general public without it being placed on the shelves in the market.

So, not mentioning this part in the agreement can put the publishers in trouble, and therefore, they make sure that everyone is convinced as to what and how the promotion will be done to make the book more known to those who are avid readers and want to read something unique and exceptional.


In this part of the contract, it is outlined that the information regarding the book and its content will not be disclosed to anyone before a specific time period. It is also ensured that both parties know the repercussions of disclosing the content in any form.


The last part of the agreement should be allocated to the signatures of both parties. After the signatures have been affixed, the agreement will become a legal document, and it will show that all the parties have agreed to the entire agreement and its sections.

Book publishing contract

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