Business Closing Announcement Letter


Re. Closure of the Business

Dear All,

I have penned this draft to notify all of you that the store is going to be closed from 26th November 20XX. The closure of the business is in the wake of low profits and zero finance generating. The company is unable to generate sufficient business profit despite making so many attempts to generate revenues. Making too many attempts to generate revenues and spending too much money can result in minus profits. The company is unable to receive a sufficient personal income and is unable to improve its operations and repay external finances. The situation can lead us to bankruptcy and potentially negative profits. It also includes the unavailability of capital.

In the wake of the aforementioned reasons, the business is going to be shut down. COVID-19 which has whirled the whole world into its impacts has affected the business a lot. The situation of revenue already at stake has been worsened by the pandemic and it is one of the biggest reasons in bringing the company to the edge.


We tried our best to stabilize the situation but could not make it up for long. The only favorable solution is shutting down the business. You are advised to come and pick up all your belongings left at the office before 24th November 20XX. After that, we will be no longer available for any of the services.

We thank you for your unbound support and dedication to the work. I am available to answer any of your queries at [email] from 10 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Thursday.

Thank you

Jerome K. Lemon
General Manager
Stewart Hill (The Shoe Company)

Business Closing Announcement Letter


Re. Declaring Announcement Closure

Dear All,

I am writing to inform you that we have decided to close our business due to financial and operational difficulties in the working environment. There are low capital and no resource availability for the business and thus, we are not in a condition to run the business smoothly.

We are confronting some serious challenges and business implications due to COVID-19. This pandemic has paralyzed the business world and economy to a greater level. There is no revenue left and it is futile to attempts. Higher potential negative profits are expected, and financial fiscal is getting higher.

This has affected the production processes and thus consequently, the customer sale has been impacted due to low operational deteriorating.

The board of directors managed to have a meeting and hence decided to shut down the business after reviewing the credit and debit reports of the company. Due to all these business difficulties, our company is not able to comply with federal and state policies of business regulation and does not comply with them.

We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support and coordination. With deep appreciation, I am closing my letter by advising you to come in and pick up your belongings left for repair or other work. Your work can be transferred to another company on demand.  After that, we will be no longer available at work and would not be able to provide any assistance. Please recover the items and fulfill your queries before 25th November 20XX as after that we will not deal in this regard. You can contact us at [X] or write to us at [X] before the closing date.

Thank you


James Hill
The Director, Power Gen. Groups
California, USA

Business Closing Announcement Letter

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