Working Hours during Christmas Announcement Letter


Re. Working Schedule from 24th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021.

Dear Employees

I am writing this letter to make one of the most significant announcements of the year. This is one of the most awaiting periods as everyone expects surprises and everyone wants to relax as much as he can. [X] also strives to keep you relax and at relief during the Christmas holidays. Christmas holidays are going to be announced from 24th December 20XX to 3rd January 20XX. During these days, we want to make sure your carnival and felicitations. We also want to accommodate you all in a way so that all of you can spend a genuine deal of time with your families, relatives, and friends. We all look forward to these days to not only relax but also to cheer the moments up with the people around.

The working schedule will be flexible during these days and no one will need to visit the office regularly. We will work from home mode and only 25% of staff will work for one day.

24th and 25th December 20XX are declared to be closed completely and no official work will be done during these two days. 25% of staff will work on 26th December 20XX and then on 27th December 20XX and so forth. 31st December 20XX to 3rd January 20XX will be declared as closed completely and then work will be resumed from 4th January 20XX for which all employees will be notified about the mode of work looking at the situation of the pandemic.

It will be decided later whether work from home will be done or work from the office will be asked to do and thus notified. I thank you all for your cooperation and wish you spend best Christmas ahead. please feel free to contact us if you have any queries and want for replacement.

Thank you

Walton Carrier
General Manager, CM2CN, California, USA

Working Hours during Christmas Announcement Letter


Re. Working Schedule amidst Christmas Holidays

Dear Employees,

I received a bundle of emails from you enquiring about the working schedule during the Christmas holidays. First, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas ahead and the best of the moments to be spent with your families and friends. This period of the year is meant to be well-spent and a lot of expectations are being attached to these holidays. We have decided to not let your expectations meet disappointments and let you spend relaxing holidays. Almost all the employees sent emails filled with requests for relief from the work so that they can spend quality time celebrating Christmas.

Therefore, we have tried our best to make the schedule flexible and fair for everyone and to accommodate everyone with their demands and requests. The working schedule has been enclosed with the letter according to which half of the staff will work on 26th and 27th December 20XX and then half of the staff will work on 28th and 29th December 20XX. During these holidays 24th and 25th December 20XX and 1st and 2nd January 20XX will be closed for all kinds of work. You can write an email to the Human Resource at [email] if you have any queries or even if you want to replace your schedule with another one. During this, office timings will be 10 AM to 3 PM to keep you at relief.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


Ruger Loop
General Manager,
Kelley Strategies, California, USA

Working Hours during Christmas Announcement Letter

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