Caregiver Authorization Affidavit

The caregiver’s authorization affidavit is a useful document for all those caregivers who are raising a child without having the involvement of the parents of the child. As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of the child’s parents to give education and all the necessary facilities to the child. However, if the parents are not present and the caregiver is needed to enroll the child in the school or give him any kind of basic health care, the affidavit is used by them.

Who qualifies for the caregiver’s authorization affidavit?

Although there can different caregivers, the grandparents of the child are the caregivers in most of the cases. The grandparents are considered as primary caregivers of the child after his parents. According to research, the grandparents of the child are the best caregivers as they show love and affection to the child as if he is their own child

There are different qualified relatives who are given the authorization through the affidavit. Such as grandparents, siblings, uncle, aunt, cousins, etc. The state allows the relatives to take care of the child when it finds these relatives to be credible. In some cases, the court also allows the non-relatives of the child to take care of the child.

In order to be eligible for becoming the caregiver of the minor, it is important for the caregiver to be more than 18 years of age no matter he is relative or non-relative.

Why is an affidavit for the caregiver’s authorization used?

There are many situations when children don’t live with their parents. Sometimes, the children themselves don’t want to live with their parents due to violence in the family. Other reasons can include the unemployment of parents, abused by parents, parents being affected by AIDS and whatnot. In these situations, many people come forward and offer their assistance to the child for giving him the care that his parents would have given in different circumstances

What are the functions of the affidavit used for the caregiver’s authorization?

With the use of affidavit for authorizing the caregivers, the caregiver gets permission to raise the child and be responsible for taking important decisions for the child such as enrolment in the school. The caregiver, after getting authorization becomes responsible for giving authorization to the management of the school for giving a medical procedure to the child such as giving vaccination

The affidavit for authorization to the child’s caregiver is a useful document that is used by the parents of the child when they are unable to raise the child. In many cases, the state conducts the research and then gives the authorization to the person who is the most qualified person to be given the caregiving responsibility.

The parents of the child can get the blank affidavit from the court and then can fill it with all the relevant and necessary details such as details of the child, caregiver, parents, reason of authorization and a statement giving authorization to the caregiver.

Caregiver authorization affidavit template
Caregiver authorization affidavit template

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