Request Letter for Correction of Payment


Re. Request for the Correction of Errors in Financial Report [MENTION THE NO. OF REPORTING FILE]

This letter has been written to request an obvious error in the record-keeping of available data and certain evaluations. On the account of urgent corrections, I request you to work on the financial report file no. xx. The file relates to the board of revenue and all the major decision for the upcoming fiscal year depends on this reporting. Any error in the file can bring big inconvenience and troublesome outcomes. Therefore, it is quintessential to work on the correction of this file as soon as possible.

The financial reporting file no. [X] has been sent to all other departments to examine the data and cost evaluations. Fortunately, the file has not been sent to the board of revenue of evaluations, otherwise, it could question the credibility of our whole team. Err is the most possible occurring in the calculations and financial accounting, therefore, reexamination of the values and conclusions should be practiced on each step. This is important to tag all of the important steps in calculations so that any unlikely situation can be avoided.

I have highlighted all the points in the file where errors seem to occur. I also have attached a scanned image of a rough sketch of the calculations. In case of any confusion, do not hesitate to come to me for assistance. Also, please write an email to all other departments and inform them about the possible occurrence of an error in the report. You are also required to make sure that this report does not get forwarded. I am looking forward to the correction of the financial report as soon as possible. Thank you.


Request Letter for Correction of Payment


Re. Correction of Payment Request

Dear [NAME],

My name is [NAME] and I work as an [POST] in [COMPANY]. I have been a client to your company since 20xx. In all those years, I have relied on the banking staff and all the calculations made by the staff of the bank. I have never reevaluated or questioned the calculations done by the bank. With this level of reliance, I have always been a happy customer of your bank.

Recently, I had submitted a request letter to the bank asking for the compilation of my financial credit report. I required the credit report to apply for a house loan applied in LSCE. LSCE demanded a credible financial record that can provide enough evidence as a potential borrower.

On [DATE], I received the financial credit report from your bank through email that I, immediately, forwarded to the LSCE’s Department of Data Evaluations (DDE). on [DATE], I received an email from the mentioned department highlighting the errors in the report and expressing their reservations as a potential lender.

At the beginning of the interrogation, they want your bank to send the explanation of these errors and a corrected file to them. Therefore, I request you to correct the highlighted errors in the file and associate the LSCE’s DDE. 

The major error in the credit report is my credit score which is lesser than the actual one. I have repaid all the loans I got from your bank, whereas the bank states that an amount of $500 is remaining. I have enclosed all the receipts of the repayment of the installments to substantiate my claim. There are a few minor errors in the report as well. I shall be exceedingly thankful to you if you provide me corrected file free of flaws and cooperate with the LSCE’s DDE.

If you need my further help in this regard, please call me at [PHONE] during office hours or write to me at [EMAIL]. I will appreciate your prompt response. Thank you. 


Request Letter for Correction of Payment

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