Complaint Letter for Parcel not Received

A complaint letter for not receiving a parcel is a letter that is written by a client organization or a customer and is addressed to an organization from which the customer has made the purchase. In this letter, the customer informs the organization, that the parcel has not been received as well as a complaint is lodged by the customer. In addition, the customer seeks a resolution or immediate delivery, and states the probable consequences, in the case the organization does not resolve the issue.

When a client organization makes a purchase, a delivery date is provided by the selling organization, so that the former plans its own business functions accordingly. A late or undelivered parcel may result in the client’s business disruptions, which may lead to losses. Therefore, when a parcel is not received by a client organization, it would lodge a complaint by writing a complaint letter for not receiving the parcel.

The information included in such letters is dependent on many factors, such as:

  • The contractual terms and delivery date.
  • The time lapse between the promised delivery date and the current date.
  • Severity of the consequences of the delay on the client’s business.
  • The actions that the client would take due to the issues he had to face, etc.

However, generally, the following details are included in the complaint letter for not receiving the parcel:

  • Details of the organization.
  • Details of the client.
  • The issue of the undelivered parcel.
  • Its effects on the client.
  • Warning.
  • Give ultimatum and state the last delivery date.
  • State consequences in the case of no resolution.
  • Seek cooperation.

This letter is a complaint as well as a warning letter. The customer makes the organization aware of the actions, which may include legal ones, it might take if the organization will not address the issue of the undelivered parcels. Usually, after receiving this letter, the case gets investigated by the organization, and a solution, with an apology, is provided.

Sample Complaint Letter for Parcel not Received

Dear Ms. Martha,

I am writing this letter to lodge my complaint against the unfulfilled promised delivery, by your company ABC Limited, of the parcel on 5th August 20XX.

As per our contract, you were supposed to send us the parcel on the specified date. Although you updated us of the delivery status, when you made the dispatch, however, we have not received the parcel till 8th August 20XX. This has halted our complete production process, as the parcel had the new part for repairing our machinery. Resultantly, there has been delayed product deliveries to our customers. We have also lost few contracts as well, due to the insufficient capacity, because of the pending production of our old projects.

We are highly disappointed in your company. We believed that you would understand the adverse consequences of any delays on our production and business. However, nobody has taken any action, even after we tried to contact your delivery department on phone. We are attaching the call record with this letter. This has forced us to file this written complaint, which might affect our future relationship with your company as well.

We expect you to arrange the delivery of our parcel as soon as possible. We will wait till 11th August 20XX, for the parcel as well as your explanation behind the irresponsible behavior. After that, we will be forced to take some legal action.

We hope you will resolve our complaint soon.

Thank you.


John Wilson.

Complaint letter for parcel not received

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