Welcome to Motherhood Messages


Welcome to motherhood, my sweet sister. The little baby girl has dignified us with her presence. It will definitely prove a wonderful start to new life. I want to elongate my earnest and enthusiastic wishes to little baby girl and to you. The little girl is an exact copy of yours and I am really excited to meet her and hold her in my arms. It will feel as if the whole world is in my arms. I am waiting impatiently for this moment.


While writing this message I am in seventh heaven as nothing feels better than being a mother. You have entered a new phase of your life which is going to be amazing and fantastic for you. I would like to send you and little baby boy congratulations and warm wishes from the core of my heart. I wish you both best of happiness, health, and joy for a new baby. Now your priorities will be changed, and this boy will become your center of attraction. This is a journey of laughter, patience, learning, and support.

The new baby will be the mixture of your enthusiastic personality and your father’s good looks. These nine months were hard for you as you managed both your household and office. I hope that you will hold your motherhood duties radiantly and enthusiastically. I will provide you best of my help regarding motherhood whenever you need it. I am waiting terribly to meet the newborn and hug him.


Heartiest felicitations to new mother in town, Angelina. It is wonderful that you are joining us in encountering the focal point of a woman’s life. It is the most beautiful position one can hold in life and you have been blessed with this prestige. I hope that you are relishing these special moments.


Congratulations Zenith for being a proud mother of twin girls. It is the truest blessing of Almighty on you. I am eagerly waiting for your twin girls to call you mommy. I am very delighted for you and it all made me nostalgic when I became a mother for the very first time. These girls will bring lots of happiness to your life. Pay my best wishes to your husband too and give little babies a sweet hug from me.


Heartiest congratulations to you Marie, my sweet baby sister, for giving birth to a beautiful healthy boy. It all seems like the blink of an eye when I hold you for the very first time in my arms and now you yourself have become a mother. I am sure you will be alright now. You will be very happy after seeing the glimpse of our little prince.

I cannot wait to meet both of you. Life has opened a new chapter for you and you will enjoy it. I can imagine how beautiful it feels to become a mother the first time. I am hopeful that you will raise a good human being that will serve humanity. Welcome to motherhood, my sweetheart.


After eight years of trying and waiting, finally, you have given birth to little baby and I can imagine your excitement and happiness. Many felicitations to you for this joy. I hope that you will prove a caring and good mother. I know your fondness and love for children and charity works and I am very glad that you have your own baby now. I will come to meet the newborn once I get free.


The mere thought of having a baby is magical and mesmerizing and I am sure you will be in seventh heaven when you saw your baby first time. The little one would be the mixture of your amazing looks and humorous nature. This is one of the best feelings holding a little jewel of your own. Congratulations to you and your husband for being parents for the first time.

Welcome to motherhood messages

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