Construction Progress Report Letter


Re. Reporting the Construction Progress at [NAME THE BUILDING] by [NAME THE CONSTRUCTOR COMPANY]

Dear [NAME], I am delighted to write to you to report the progress in the construction works at the [NAME THE BUILDING]. It is penned to share with you that the structure of the [NAME THE BUILDING] has been in the process and is 75% completed. I am happy to tell you that we shall achieve the target of completing the grey structure of the building ten days before the deadline. The construction work has been undergoing speedily under the sheer supervision of Mr. [NAME].

Mr. [NAME] came into the supervision of the current construction project on [DATE]. I take pride in sharing that the construction process sped 2x with his advent to the project. Mr. [NAME] is an Assistant Project Manager of our company who joined us recently on [DATE]. He has proved himself to be an industrious and dedicated person.

Construction of the grey structure has almost been completed to 75%. The remaining 25% can be completed in one week with a similar pace of work. Moreover, paint and interior works shall be initiated after two weeks of completing the grey structure. Meetings with the interior designers are already underway to finalize the interior sets and designs.

Images of the completed construction have been shared, please find them in the attachment. Also, let me know your response to the site work. Please call me for more details at [PHONE]. Thank you.



Re. Report Letter on the Progress of Construction of [NAME THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT]

Dear Sir,

I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from the [NAME THE COMPANY]. I am writing this letter to report on the progress of the construction of [NAME THE BUILDING].

On [DATE], we signed a project with [NAME THE Company] and a contract stipulated by the completion of the construction at a given deadline. The deadline for the project is [DATE] but unfortunately, due to the internal affairs of the Department of Construction and Labors, construction has been halted by the Project Manager and Team Leader of the company. They are of the view that until the issues of funding and the raw material case are not resolved, they shall not resume the construction work.

Sir, the deadline is just near, and the stipulations of the contract shall not serve the purpose. Moreover, the conditions in the contract shall cause a loss to the company’s budget. I am sorry to share that if the construction process will not be resumed, the company will have to suffer from a severe economic shock.

Sir, I request you call a meeting of the Team Experts and resolve the matter as soon as possible. It is in the best interest of the company to manage the internal affairs peacefully and complete the project on the given deadline.

More, to avoid any trouble in the future, I have sent a letter of request asking for an extension in the deadline to the [NAME THE OTHER COMPANY]. Please respond to my letter by emailing me at [EMAIL] or calling me at [PHONE]. Thanks.


Construction progress report letter

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