Email for Change in Members

Re. Change in Members of Project No. [X] and DOLG Representation Task

Dear [NAME], I hope you find this email in the best of your spirits. I am writing this email to request a change in the members of project no. [X] and in the DOLG Representation Task which is a retrospection of the Arab Forum Conference and preparation for All Industrial Collaboration Deans Meeting (AICDM) 20XX.

In both groups, there is a dire need to change the members which are crucial for the progressive work and the success of AICDM. It is requested based on TORs of the demanded and work and their competence in the relevant fields. They are not suitable for the tasks they have been given.

The list of the members has been attached in Annexure-I & II. Both lists need a revisit and recast of the members for both groups. As the Arab Forum Conference needs a good presentation and good communication for the deliverance of our stance on Arab Intervention of Industries and Alloys. For this sake, we need confident and competent speakers who can present our work in front of them.

Moreover, members who have been given the task to work on the DOLG Representation are the employees with their expertise in the technical side of the information. They are good at conducting technical treatment of the projects, but research needs a more methodic and proficient approach. As DOLG Representation has been foreseen as a retrospection of AICDM, the team needs to be a blend of people with experience with AICDM and the employees working in the Research and Development sector.

A proposed list of the members for both tasks can be presented on demand. Please respond to my email if you need further information on the subject. For a revisited list of employees and potential members, please check Annexure-IV. All the lists have been attached with the email in PDF. I am thankful to you for considering this.



Email for Change in Members


Re. Email for Change in Members

Dear all,

This email has been written to announce a change in the members of WXC and the Administrative Control Wing of the industry. The change in the members has been approved by the Board of Governors, thus, no other competent authority has the right to infringe the change or alter its dynamics.

Moreover, all the relevant supervisors are directed to ensure the implementation of the changes, and employees are reiterated to go through Annexure-I, II, &V and study the changes properly. The proposed changes have been done on the scale of expertise, seniority, and judgment of project management.

The entire teams of WXC and Administrative Control Wing (ACW) have been recast and a new list has been produced. The attachment shows the list of new members. Some of the members shall remain the same.

In case of any query or further information regarding the change, please contact Human Resources for guidance. If any right has been infringed through the change, i.e., if any employee more senior and experienced is not prioritized, can challenge the decision with the consultation of the supervisors of their departments. The employees who are on a contractual basis are exempted from the right of challenging the change. Thank you.



Email for Change in Members
Email for Change in Members

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