Farewell Letter to a Colleague

Colleagues share the best bonds of friendship and closeness in an office. They help each other out and share much more than simply office work. The tone of a farewell letter written to a colleague does not need to be too formal. It should, nevertheless, still be a properly written farewell letter. Here are some tips for composing such a letter.

  • Express how you feel at the resignation of your colleague. Make him feel special by stating that you feel sad and you are going to miss him.
  • Do share his excitement for his new job. Congratulate him and state how happy you feel for him for this step towards a successful career.
  • Give some specific reasons why you are going to miss him. For instance, you may miss his humorous nature or amiable attitude.
  • Show your gratitude for anything he might have done for you in the office or in personal. Thank him for anything you may have learned from him for your own professional progress.
  • Praise him for his professional qualities as well as personal traits. For instance, you may write about his hard work and efficiency at work as well as his cooperative and friendly nature towards coworkers.
  • In case a colleague is leaving due to a personal or family problem, express your regrets and offer your help. State that you will be happy with any kind of help you can offer in your capacity.
  • Wish him luck for his future. Show your encouragement by stating that he will do great at his new job through his experience and skills.
  • You may include quotes by famous people in order to make your letter more inspirational and encouraging. 
  • In order to maintain your friendship, you may ask him to stay in touch in future.

Sample Letter

Dear (Colleague’s Name),

I am writing this letter to bid farewell to you. It has been a pleasure working with you for a period of 8 years in this office. While I am happy for your new job, I also feel sorrowful that you are leaving ABC Company. You have been an important part of our team in the R&D department and will surely be missed.

With your amiable and cooperative nature, you have been great as a colleague. I always enjoyed your witty nature as it used to alleviate the work stress at the office. I am going to miss your humor and jokes during the lunch break.

I wish you all the best for your next job. Your new colleagues will be lucky to have a smart, hardworking and diligent person in their team. I am sure it will not take time for you to make your place in your new office.

Do let me know if I can be of any help to you in future. I will appreciate if you stay in touch. I hope we stay friends for a long time.

Best Regards
[Your Name]

Farewell Letter to a Colleague

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