Letter to Thank Someone for Volunteer Work

A large number of welfare organizations and NGOs work with the support of volunteers. These are people who devote their time and energy for various kinds of charity projects. This selfless contribution deserves special gratitude. For this purpose, an organization can write a thank you letter in order to appreciate a person’s volunteer work.

Volunteers work without seeking any payment or salary. Whatever they do is out of their compassion. They should always be thanked for their help no matter how big or small their contribution has been. In this way, they are encouraged to keep offering their help in future as well.

Gratitude can be expressed verbally or by means of a small thank you note. However, writing a proper letter is a more appropriate way of thanking individuals who offer their services for a good cause. A thank you letter will make them feel more special.

The following tips should be followed while writing a letter to thank someone for volunteer work.

1. Clearly Mention the Purpose of the Letter

A thank you letter should be precise. It should only be about the person you want to thank without discussing any irrelevant details. Therefore, the letter must begin by clearly mentioning the main purpose. State how your organization or you as an individual would like to thank someone for his contributions as a volunteer. Use appreciative words to explain what you are thanking an individual for.

2. Express Gratitude

The aim of this letter is to express gratitude to someone who helped you or an organization for a charitable cause. Therefore, show your acknowledgment and gratitude.

In order to appreciate a volunteer, you should state that his help has been extremely valuable. Remember that volunteers are not employees who work for a salary and must fulfill the given duties. Instead, a volunteer devotes his time and efforts in order to make selfless contributions. Therefore, each and every volunteer must be thanked individually. His/her work should be recognized by acknowledging the fact that a certain welfare project could not have been successful without his/her help.

3. Appreciate Special Contributions

Do mention and acknowledge any special contributions made by a volunteer. He/she might have helped you through a particular area of expertise. This should be mentioned in the letter and appreciated accordingly.

4. Express Desire to Work Together in Future

Other than expressing your gratitude, you should also state that you look forward to working with the volunteer in future as well. In this way, he/she will feel truly encouraged to keep offering help for good causes.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipient Name],

We would like to thank you for your helpful contributions toward our charity project. We appreciate your efforts for the collection of donations. You made it possible for the organization to reach its target of collecting $50,000/- within one month. Without your valuable support, it would have been an uphill task for us.

We particularly acknowledge your help with our online campaign. Your social media expertise was a great help. We received an impressive response through the promotion carried out by you on Facebook and Instagram. A large number of people learned about our project through this promotion. As a result, we received funds from more and more people in a very short time.

The organization is thankful to you for all you have done for us. We hope to see you again for our future charity projects.

Best Wishes
Your Name

Letter to Thank Someone for Volunteer Work

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