Heat of the Moment Resignation Letter


Re: Resignation due to Manager’s Misconduct and Maladministration

Dear Jenny,

This letter has been written to serve as my resignation notification. I have been working here for five years and now, I understand it is the end of my career with EMMAX Group of companies. I spent my five wonderful springs of life here in this company and always worked impassionedly considering EMMAX not less than a family. I worked hard for days and nights and my profile would indicate that I won several major projects for the company. I was one of the fore frontiers of the company. I always got appreciation and appraisal for my work and it motivated me to the sky limits.

Having all this said, I turn over to the reason due to which I have to make such a grave decision despite the wonderful ambiance of working and efficient opportunities of a bright career.

Mr. Wagoner has been manager of the HR Department for one year and his temperament and odds of communication are intolerable for me. His way of communication is highly unprofessional and he is involved in maladministration which has created an unaccommodating environment for my space. He has also used an immoral code of conduct toward me which was tolerated at my disposal for my nature of filtering out all the negativity away. I am regretful to state that the recent misconduct by him is beyond my tolerance and therefore, I have decided to resign from the office as many of my complaints have gone vain due to his strong political influences and art of sweet exploitation.

I am thankful to you for the wonderful time I spent here and I would like you to give approval for my salary check as soon as possible so that I may set myself for further. Thank you.


Steelman Rosie  
The Assistant Idea Manager
EMMAX Group of Companies
23rd Avenue W-Sector, California, USA

Heat of the moment resignation letter


Re: Resignation Letter due to the Misdemeanor of Authorities and Dereliction of Supervisees

Dear Meldrum,

I am Emily Bennet from your company (State Immunity Organization). I have been part of this organization for five years and serves as a Manager, Finance Manager, and the most recent as a Head Designer of the company. The time I spent in the company is saved on the kindle and kind both levels of my memories. I spent some of my very good times in the company, but I am sorry to describe the current scenario which impelled me to resign from the office.

The ultimate authority of the office has been overwhelmingly breaching employees’ rights policies. Most of all, the ever-rising demand for work and lesser opportunities for promotions and incentives play a negative role in the nourishment of working policies and efficacy of employees’ advancement of venturing to productive contribution in the business promotion. Moreover, dereliction on the end of my supervisees and their refusal to follow my orders has been reported to the authorities many times and it did not meet any solution in the shape of their reprimanding and rebuking of them. I was met with my recrimination of the authorities which has sent me into a position of diving into the solution no other than better leaving the job.

Therefore, I submit this letter as my official resignation from State Immune Organization. I will surely return the company’s assets on the given date and request you to approve the issuance of my remaining dues.

I am obliged to your long-term cooperation and strives for reconciliation.


Emily Bennett
Head Designer
State Immune Organization
23A-C/66, California, USA

Heat of the moment resignation letter

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