Hotel Accommodation Survey Form

In today’s world, where there is tough competition in the hotel and hospitality industries, hotel management needs to make sure that people who stay in the hotel are satisfied and happy with the type of accommodation they get. It is important to know the perceptions of people about a hotel because this is the only way resort accommodation can provide the best place for people to rest and relax.

What is a hotel accommodation survey form?

It’s a unique type of questionnaire in which questions related to the quality of the accommodation are added. These questions are designed keeping in mind those guests and customers who have used that accommodation and who can give an honest and truthful opinion.

When should I use this questionnaire?

Usually, people are given this form and requested to fill it out when they have spent a significant amount of time in the accommodations provided by the motel and are about to leave. When people are asked to fill out this form, they feel happy as they realize their opinion carries weight, and it will also affect the way a motel works.

What are the top reasons to use the hotel accommodation questionnaire?

People who create this form and use it have plenty of reasons to put it into practice. Here are some of the most prominent reasons being discussed below:

It aids in quality assessment

If the quality of the hotel is to be evaluated, the survey form helps a lot in this regard. There are various questions in the survey form that are used to evaluate the quality of the service, food, and overall accommodation. Based on the answers given by people, a judgment can be made.

It supports problem identification

Many hotel managers have concerns over the declining number of guests, and they don’t know the root cause of this issue. So, when they use a feedback form to gather data from the customers, it helps them see that if the problem is real, many people would have mentioned it. 

Hotel management can make the right decisions

When the data is collected, the decision made by the management of the hotel is not based on merely their point of view. With the use of this form, the decisions have now become data-driven, which is usually more accurate and also solves the real issues. In addition, there are very few chances for a decision to be biased when it is made after a quick review of the collected data.

The training of the staff becomes possible

The data collected from the form is analyzed from various perspectives, and then various deductions are made. For instance, if customers say that the service is slow, it means that the staff of the guest house is not so active. This may be because the staff needs training or because people are not taking their job seriously.

Once the key issue has been identified, the management can take several steps to make the staff more efficient, such as organizing training programs for them to teach them hospitals or increasing their salary to boost their productivity.

How do I create the feedback form?

Whether you are creating a new form from scratch or using a ready-made form, you should always make sure that it acquires the following characteristics:

  • It should be concise:

Since the form is meant to be filled out by customers, it is imperative to make it short and concise so that customers fill it out happily because they are likely to give honest feedback if they don’t lose interest in it.

  • Ask general questions:

It is important to remember that this form is being created for the general public that does not know how to answer complex questions. Therefore, ask simple questions that are easy to answer. Collecting feedback for you will be easy with this.

  • Ask for comments.

Survey forms are mostly closed-ended, which means guests have to rate the services of the guest house or choose from the given options. However, some people like to give their opinions, and for this purpose, there should be a section at the end where people are asked to comment on their overall experience.

Hotel Accommodation Survey Form

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