Letter for Failure to Properly Carry Out a Task


Dear Mr. Joseph,

I am Steward, the head of Lincoln Company and my purpose behind writing this letter is to warn you regarding your failure to carry out tasks properly. You were assigned tasks on 2nd December to accomplish it before 10th December, but you did not take it seriously and delayed it. You were under strict observation based on your nonsense attitude and immature behavior regarding work performance. You were notified numerously through written warnings, but it seems that none of my warnings and counseling has put an impact on you. Despite showing fruitful results, you are lacking behind. Each time I assign you something you make excuses instead of working hard for it.

Last Monday, in a meeting with Miss Jazz, all were present and when your turn came to present the ABC project, you were absent at that time. This thing was embarrassing for me. You should tell me directly that what is the thing which is disturbing you constantly and not letting you to accomplish tasks properly. You are lacking in all means and your performance as compared to your past record is also getting down. In the start, you were a very efficient and engrossed employee but now it seems that you are just letting time pass. You have missed many great projects that could make a better future for you, but you lost it all due to your negligence.

Gentleman, this is a serious issue and Miss Jazz has herself taken notice of all this. So, take this letter as a last and serious notice because you will not be warned after this. As the matter has reached to HR of the company, so it would be better for you that before she expels you from her you should take this letter seriously. It is my advice for you to make improvements in your tasks and give full attention to what is been assigned to you. If you have any serious issue that is not letting you focus on work, you can consult me after office timings; I will be there for you and will support you in all ways. I hope that this warning will affect you and you will try to improve yourself.


Steward Twain

Letter for Failure to Properly Carry Out a Task


Dear Mr. Sherman,

This has brought to my notice that Mr. Alden who is a newly appointed employee in our company has met with an accident last Monday. He was tackling wirework when he met with this accident. Although he was saved from a major incident ill-fatedly his face was burnt severely. You know that he had just joined last month and was on probation for four months. I had made a committee for this to fully look over the matter.

After the committee investigated the whole matter, they gave me a final report in which it was mentioned that you were handed over the task to arrange a training session for Mr. Alden, but you did not do so. You know that our company has set rules and when we hired you it was told clearly to you that such negligence cannot be afforded here.

I had also received many complaints against you from many sources, but I gave you the opportunity each time to improve yourself, but you thought that I am joking. You did not take any of my warnings seriously.

Based on this entire nonsense attitude, you are supposed to be suspended as our employee for ten days. You will be kept in strict observation these days. This letter is being kept in your office’s monthly record and if such behavior continues from your side, you will be suspended permanently from the company. I hope that this warning might affect you and you will start taking attention to your work. Moreover, you are ordered to visit me tomorrow along with the details of your assigned tasks. Thank you.


Helan Alexie

Letter for Failure to Properly Carry Out a Task

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