Letter of Ordering Goods

A letter of ordering goods is a letter written by a customer/company to a wholesaler/supplier to communicate which products and services they want to purchase. It is a type of business letter, not a bill, which is composed and drafted by the purchaser.

It may also include information about the product that the buyer is ordering, the quality of the product, the quantity that the buyer wants, the color and model of the product, the mode of payment, and shipment details.

The buyer may assist with the necessity of additional terms and conditions while ordering. The addressee will precede its delivery procedure of ordered products after receiving this letter. It is legally binding between the buyer and the seller, therefore this letter has a legitimate value as if something goes wrong the parties can go to the court of commandments for settlement. And hence this letter must be drafted carefully.

This letter is specific and brief about what to write. The buyer has to be sure about what order he is placing; mention the description and details of the products accurately and clearly.

The buyer should keep the following points in mind while writing the order later:

  1. Write the letter in a very polite, respectful, and professional manner.
  2. Cover all the details about the product such as the product name, quantity, color, etc. to avoid any inconvenience.
  3. Write the addresses clearly to avoid any delay in the order.
  4. The letter should be upfront with a request to do business.
  5. Provide a contact number or email so the recipient can contact you if needed for any unexpected problem or issue.
  6. As this letter has a legal value, therefore, must be placed by an authority.
  7. The letter should be written on the company letterhead and should be signed by the sender.
  8.  It is advised to make a rough draft before a final copy is ready to be dispatched. It must be rechecked to avoid any mistakes in the letter.

You can find a sample letter given below:

Sample Letter


Recipient Name,
Company Address,


Subject: Placing order of product [XYZ] for [XYZ]

We are very pleased to inform you about the order placement of [X] referring to the last agreement dated [X]. Your presentation was extraordinary and interesting, and after considering many concerns we have come to the result that your company is a suitable selection for the order.

Please note down the following details about the order:

We are in need of (product name), (Quantity), (Quality), and we will be paying you [$X] for one unit, which adds up to [$X] of which 50% will be paid in advance and the other half will be paid on the delivery of the order. It will be appreciated if the order could be delivered within 10 days of receiving this letter. I hope that you will not leave any corner for dissatisfaction with the quality of the product.

Hoping to have a long-lasting business relationship.

Best regards,

Name of Buyer:


Letter of Ordering Goods
Letter of Ordering Goods -Template

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