Letter Requesting for More Staff


To, Mr. Adam Smith
[Company Name]

Dear Mr. Smith, With due respect, it is stated that I, the Chief Editor of the Britain Reads magazine, want to make a suggestion regarding the addition of new posts and to hire more people for the company and our publishing house. Due to the recent success of our latest month’s issue, the company has been facing a huge influx of workload in the form of sponsorship proposals and matters to be managed by specifically hired people for the job.

The workload has been so much increased that our current employees face and deal with burnout by the mid of the day. So, many coordination and communications are to be managed that are managed with difficulty due to the lesser number of staff members in the office.

Last week I was on sick leave as I could not make it to the office, and while I was away, I had so many calls from the staff to ask me about different pending matters that were not to be discussed if someone is away on a leave. Thus, there is a dire need for newly hired and freshly trained staff in the office to manage and divide the workload on board.

In total, there is a need for some 20 more employees that should be hired in the office, for the time being, 9 of them permanently and the remaining 11 on a tentative probationary basis so that the season of heavy workload is catered well. Three more Assistant Sales Managers, 4 Assistant Marketing Managers, 3 office boys, 2 Associate Chief Editors, 3 Graphics Designers, and 5 Column Writers are required on an urgent basis as the work is drastically and negatively being affected.

This overburdened situation has stirred panic among the employees where staff is unable to keep a record of their own duties and tasks. Many times, they miss important calls from the sponsors, which proves to be a loss for the magazine even in the short run in terms of profit collection and business.

If we are provided with a fresh and competent workforce, I can assure you that the deadlines would be met sooner and the tasks would be managed efficiently, avoiding missing out on any duties. I am aware that the company had been going through a loss for the last 4 months, but with the new writers and columnists writing for the magazine, the sales have been miraculously improved, putting the Britain Reads magazine on a higher pedestal of fame and success, which eventually comes with sacrifices and more dedicated workforce.

Thus, their salaries can now be easily managed and new posts can be easily created in the firm to manage the tasks well. If new staff is not provided in due time, we are expected to face a setback in our business as mismanagement would cause havoc in the office, making us lose all the contracts with our sponsors, which are one of our profit sources and income.

I would really appreciate it if my request is considered. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Black
Chief Editor

Letter requesting for more staff



Mr. John Woods
CEO Vivo Mobiles

Dear Mr. Woods,

It is stated that I, the Senior Project Manager of [X], request you to permit me the recruitment of 35 halftime seasonal employees in the packaging and design department. Also, it would be preferred that I hire another full-time Sales Associate Manager for the newly opened branch office near [X], as we do not have enough sales managers over there till now which is making things difficult to manage regarding the sales department.

The new promotion operation has improved our sales by as much as 40%. We are lagging in receiving online orders at our official website for the last two days, which is far less than our estimated target to be achieved and expected to grow. However, it has been declining due to lack of properly skilled employees in order coordination department and due to higher rate of employee turnover because of the increasing fame of Nexus Mobiles.

We would not be able to keep up without being provided with tentative assistance, especially at the time of the holiday season. Customers have been complaining at the help desk online and been calling at our customer representative helplines, and when they are made to wait for their turn, they walk out or cancel the aim to seek help and to know the reason behind the delay caused.

With the help of 35 additional and freshly recruited staff members, we would be able to improve our customer service help desk system, packaging and design issues, as well as a newly hired Associate Sales Manager, would handle things well in the new branch. This will eventually help us gain back our lost profits and repute in the Mobile industry as our rivals wait for the chance to leap over us.

Hence, it is suggested with due respect, that seasonal people should be recruited for improvement of our packaging and design-related issues, as well as meet our weekly targets in a smoothly managed manner.

The new branch office located at the Independent Avenue has recorded a boost in sales in the last 24 hours. The credit for that goes to our highly determined and ambitious Sales Associate Managers appointed over there. Nevertheless, it would not be a very good idea to expect more than a 12-hour shift in a day from them as they would get burnout and overburdened. They would probably quit the job sooner or later and join our competitors i.e., Nexus Mobiles if we do not recruit more people on board.

Thus, it would really be appreciated that my suggestion and request is not only considered, but also fulfilled in the due time, lest we face any more setbacks as a company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Holmes
Senior Project Manager

Letter requesting for more staff

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