Letter to Accept a Request to Serve in an Honorary Position

An honorary position can be bestowed on anyone whether he fulfills the usual requirements – such as the necessary qualifications – or not. Often, organizations request an individual to fill an honorary position. This selection may be based on his high social standing, professional achievements, seniority or any other distinguishing trait. If you receive such a request, you may accept or politely reject it.

Discussed below is how to write a letter to the concerned organization in case you have accepted its request.

  • Accept the Request

The aim of writing this letter is to let the other party know that you have accepted its request. Therefore, begin the letter by mentioning in clear words that you are ready to serve in the requested honorary position.

  • Express Gratefulness

Thank the reader for choosing you for the requested position. Show politeness and express your gratefulness. Receiving such a request is an honor. Therefore, do state that you feel obliged.

  • Clarify that no Personal Participation will be Required

Since it is an honorary position, it does not require regular or active participation and involvement from you. However, you should still make it clear that you will not be able to offer your personal involvement in any projects, tasks or other relevant activities. State the reason behind your limitations, such as personal or professional commitments.

  • Express your Appreciation

Show your support to the organization that is making the request to you. Appreciate its goals, achievements, and activities. Doing so is polite as well as encouraging for the organization.

  • Wish Luck for the Future

Remember that it is an honorary position and you are not offering any substantial involvement. All you have to offer is your support and encouragement. Therefore, while winding up the letter wish the organization good luck for its future projects and endeavors.

Sample Letter

I am delighted to accept your request for making me an honorary member of the XYZ group. I have always appreciated your NGO for its active participation in the protection of our precious environment. I feel honored that my name is going to be associated with this noble cause. Unfortunately, due to my own professional commitments, I will not be able to play an active role in your projects. However, through this honorary membership, you have my complete support for your cause.

You are performing an important duty by ensuring the safety of our environment in various ways. Our future generations will be grateful to you for these valuable contributions. I wish you luck with all your commendable work and endeavors. May you be successful in achieving all your goals. 

Letter to Accept a Request to Serve in an Honorary Position

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