Letter to HoA Requesting Landscaping

Re. Request for Landscaping

Dear Mr. [name], I am [name], a resident of [mention the area and complete address]. During this time of winter, I wish to landscape my foreyard by curtailing some modifications in the seeding process and layering of plant beds. I also want to beautify the garden by landscaping the already available flora and fauna. My grandmother is a big advocate of weeding out in time in the garden and keeping it super clean and keep modifying it. On the wish of both of us, we want to landscape.

The landscaping includes layering the flower beds with fertilizers and other good soil materials that can inflate or magnify the growth of the plants. Moreover, we want to make a community of flowers which means growing similar plants together to make them look better. It provides color and variety to the garden. We want to make a design statement for the garden, i.e. provide fencing and hardscaping the garden. In winter, hardscaping not only helps growth but also keeps it clean.

According to the above-mentioned landscaping requirements, a cost of $[xx] shall be spent on the landscaping of the garden. Please review the letter and the cost of the work and let me know what can be done. In case of a lack of funds, I am willing to fund-pool for the current task.

Please respond to me at your earliest. We are looking forward to the completion of the task in two weeks. Thank you.


[contact number]

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Re. Requesting Landscaping in the Foreyard of [mention the exact location, number of the house]

Dear Manager HoA,

I am [name], from the [mention the address, house number, area, and city] which comes under the [name] Houseowner Association (HoA). [name] Homeowners Association has always been a great service for the area. I regard all the members for being so active and working voluntarily to make the residency a perfect place.

Recent voting in the polls on the Facebook official page of [name] House owners Association shows the strong coordination and administration of the association. [X] percent of residents showed strong satisfaction with the services and voluntary works done by the association members.

With complete regards, I want to request you for a slight landscaping of my garden. Recently, I worked in the garden for three hours. I cleaned the garden and put fertilizer for the growth of grass and plantation. I realized the need for a slight landscaping that will not take more than [x] days. According to my calculation, [x] workers can do it in [x] hours, and [x] workers can make it in [x] days.

Moreover, the cost of the landscaping shall not exceed $[x]. I understand that the recent decline in the fund-raising for the HoA work has caused many inconveniences. Moreover, HoA raised and completed some projects related to fencing and bordering on the road. Thus, I can delay the landscaping including texture and design.

Do not hesitate to inform me about your status. The landscaping can be delayed if any inconvenience. I shall be grateful if you consider my application and respond to me at your earliest convenience.

You can call me at [phone] or write to me at [email]. Thank you for considering my request.

Best Regards


Letter to HoA Requesting Landscaping

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