Letter to relieve someone from delegated responsibilities

A capable employee is sometimes entrusted with added responsibilities when a job post is vacant. However, as soon as the post has been filled, the company must relieve the employee who has been performing the extra duties. An official letter is written to him in order to inform him about the new hiring and thank him for his hard work. 

When an employee has been assigned extra tasks, it shows the company trusts him and considers him competent enough for the added responsibilities. Although he might feel overburdened, he may also expect to be promoted or at least considered for the vacant post. However, when another individual is hired for this post, it may lead to demotivation. Therefore, it is important to show your gratitude and appreciation to him in this letter so that he receives his due acknowledgement. 

Discussed below are the important components of this type of letter.

  • Information about the New Hiring

Provide information about the newly hired employee. Discuss the necessary details about who is going to fill the vacant post. This is going to be a brief introduction of the employee who is going to relieve the reader from his temporary work responsibilities. 

  • Expressing Gratitude for the Helping Hand

The employee who has been taking care of the extra work load must be thanked. He is not officially entitled to receive any extra payment for performing the added duties. Therefore, his hard work should be appreciated as he accepted the new responsibilities without any material incentives. In this way, he will be encouraged to keep working with submission and loyalty.

  • Showing Acknowledgement 

In addition to expressing your gratitude, acknowledge what he has actually done. Performing tasks for another post must be helpful to the company in one way or the other. Mention how it has helped the company. Hiring someone else for the post might make him feel that he has not been doing well at the task assigned to him. Such negative feelings are discouraging and affect the work performance. Therefore, it is important to state that the company acknowledges and appreciates his good work.

  • Discussing the Capabilities of the New Employee

Discuss the qualifications and work skills of the new employ that make him suitable for the post. It is important to highlight the qualities because of which he has been selected. In this way, if the old employee had been expecting to be considered for this post, he will not feel dejected. This part of the letter will prove that the company is not being unfair by handing over the post to a new employee. 

  • A Positive Ending

Make the reader feel that he is still an important part of the company. You may state that the company will benefit from his hard work and capabilities combined with the skills of the new employee. You may also encourage him further by stating that the company can always count on him in case of extra work responsibilities in future.

Sample Letter

I am pleased to inform you that XYZ Corporation has hired a competent Branch Manager for its new office in Petersburg. John Meezo is a well-qualified and experienced individual. He has been selected for this post after an extensive search and a number of interviews with many capable candidates. The company appreciates you for temporarily taking charge of the extra responsibilities assigned to you as the acting Branch Manager. You can now hand over the job to the newly appointed employee who will be joining us from the 20th of March. 

John Meezo has been working in the field since 8 years in the UK. His overseas experience is going to be invaluable for our company. I am confident that he will be able to perform his work duties well with hard working employees like yourself in his team. 

Once again, I would like to thank you for your crucial contributions. You have helped the company set up its new outlet. The added responsibilities must have been overwhelming for you. The company acknowledges your hard work. I know I can count on you in future as well in case of any special tasks. 

Letter to relieve someone from delegated responsibilities because someone else will assume them

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