Letter to respond positively to negative feedback

It is very important for a successful business to be open to customer feedback. A client’s opinion and comments about your services or products should be given due consideration. This is necessary in order to retain your existing clients by ensuring that they are completely satisfied.

At the same time, it also helps in getting recommended to new ones. You must, therefore, respond to feedback properly. In particular, you should know how to respond to negative feedback in an appropriate manner. Your response should reflect your professionalism. 

Criticism is often difficult to handle. When you are doing your best, negative remarks can make you feel quite upset and discouraged. However, you must still keep your tone positive and respond in a humble way. The following tips can help you compose a positive reply to negative feedback.

1- Appreciate the feedback

Firstly, thank your client for sharing his opinion about your service or product. It shows that you value the feedback of your customers and truly care about what they think. It also proves that you are striving for further improvement by being open to the opinion of your valuable customers. Moreover, a disgruntled customer who has given negative feedback is going to calm down a little when you thank him for his comments. Therefore, it is a good way of starting your letter.  

2- Show concern towards the issue

Focus on the issue which has led your client to give negative feedback to you. Express your regrets at the bad experience. You may not agree with your client’s opinion. However, you must still show your concern and apologize for the inconvenience. You may also offer to look into the matter. In this way, your client will feel satisfied that his complaint is being given due consideration instead of being ignored. 

3- Highlight your strengths

In order to win back an unsatisfied customer, inform him about your positive qualities. For this purpose, briefly highlight your strengths. In this way, you will also be able to defend yourself. For instance, you may state that this was an unfortunate incident that has never happened before.

4- Offer a solution

You may lose a loyal client after only one bad experience. In order to prevent this from happening, offer a solution in order to make it up to him. For instant, you may offer to refund his money. Alternatively, you may promise to bring an improvement so that the issue is not encountered the next time. Doing so will ensure that you do not lose your client. Offering a solution increases the chances that your customer will give you another chance. 

5- Maintain a humble tone

Dealing with negative remarks about your business is not easy. However, you must keep your tone polite and humble. Accept your shortcomings and be willing to bring further improvement. 

Following the above mentioned tips will make it easy for you to respond positively to negative feedback. While writing down your response, be clear, comprehensive and informative. Remember that you have to win over your clients. Therefore, use your words accordingly and maintain a polite and professional tone. 

Sample Letter

Thank you for your feedback regarding our services. We are regretful about your unsatisfactory experience at our restaurant. It is unfortunate that you did not enjoy the dinner as it was too spicy according to your taste. We are going to make sure that you have no complaints at your next visit. Do give us another chance. 

We strive hard for the absolute satisfaction of our customers. Our well-experienced head chef ensures that the quality and taste of food is up to the highest standards. We also take into account special demands so that our clients can have exactly what they want. Therefore, at your next visit, do let us know if you want the level of spices to be mild. You may customize your dish any way you want. We will take care of all your special requests. 

Once again, we apologize for your bad experience. Do give us a chance to improve. We look forward to serving you again. 

Letter to respond positively to negative feedback

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