Termination due to poor performance & attendance

Firing employees is an everyday scenario for companies. But termination mostly results due to a breach of policy, misconduct or poor performance.

Every company formulates a policy manual which sets out the standards for employee behavior and conduct. Defining a poor performance can differ in every situation and can be hard to explain. The best way is to compare the current performance with the goals and KPI’s. Most of the managers use this excuse for terminating employees.

Employee evaluations take place in every organization, especially before the appraisals and increments. These evaluations and conclusions are discussed with employees where they are mentioned the areas they need to improve and work hard. This gives the employees another opportunity to prove themselves. But if they still do not do well, they can be terminated.

When a company hires a new employee, be the person experienced or inexperienced, they spend their time, money and effort with that employee. Termination can be a hard decision to make and in most cases, an employee is given multiple chances to improve before they are terminated.

Dealing with incompetent employees can be daunting. You teach them, train them and even then, you do not get the desired output. Having disciplinary procedures in place can make the decision-making process easier. No employee should not be terminated just like that. They need to tell beforehand and discuss the performance issues with them.

Mostly, companies terminate employees without giving a notice. In such a situation, a settlement is offered to the employee where the company promises to pay one month’s salary.

Sample Letter

Dear John,

This is to inform you that your employment with company ABC will end on (date). This decision was based mainly on your poor performance. You are not following your deadlines and no reasons for the delay have been reported yet. Due to your poor performance, our clients are not happy, and we get complaints regularly.

Before allocating the projects to any employee, we make sure to discuss the subject matter and deadlines in details. If you had any issues with your deadlines, you should have discussed with us. Even after the deadline was closed, we did not hear from you regarding any issues with the deadline.

We could have arranged more resources to complete the work in time. Not reporting any issues shows a lack of commitment and poor work ethic on your end. We even arranged a performance coaching session for you and expected better results. But you were still not able to achieve your goals. We have discussed this issue with you during our multiple meetings. But we did not observe any improvement in your work.

The company is ready to pay you your final salary along with a settlement. You are requested to return any company property which is still in your custody. If you have any questions regarding your termination or salary, you can directly contact the HR.

We would like to thank you for your services to the company and wish you good luck.

With thanks,

Termination Letter due to Poor Performance and attendance

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